Get ready for the New Year at Walt Disney World

December 12, 2017, 12:12 PM · Do you want to spend New Year's Eve with hundreds of thousands of other revelers, but not freeze in the cold in New York's Times Square? Then it's time to book that last-minute flight to Orlando and get ready to ring in 2018 at Walt Disney World.

Disney might host the nation's second-biggest New Year's Eve celebration, if you include the festivities across all the theme parks and hotels at the resort. Disney even allows fans a head start on the party, running its New Year's Eve fireworks in the Magic Kingdom on December 30 as well as on the 31st. (Pro tip: That's the show you want to see if you want to do anything else in the park on the same day. Then head to a less-packed celebration on the 31st.)

Several of Disney World's special parties for New Year's Eve already are sold out. And visitors can expect that parking lots or the front gates to the Magic Kingdom will close at some point on the 31st, as crowds jam the park for the big night. But as big as the crowds can be, there really is nothing like the energy of being with all those people celebrating at once. Forget about trying to set a personal record for the number of rides you get on in one day. Or even about riding anything on a day like this. Just come, if you want, to be part of the crowd and part of the moment. But get there early. (The MK opens at 8am.)

Here is what is happening this year for New Year's Eve at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Magic Kingdom


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

In addition, The Edison at Disney Springs is slated to have its grand opening on New Year's Eve, as well. How will you be celebrating the start of the new year?

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December 13, 2017 at 1:34 PM · I was there 1999-2000........It was so crowded it felt very unsafe at the Magic Kingdom.

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