First look at Disneyland's new Together Forever Pixar fireworks

March 27, 2018, 2:13 PM · Disneyland today is showing off some of what fans will see when the park debuts its new Pixar-themed fireworks show next month.

Together Forever - Pixar Nighttime Spectacular will combine fireworks with projection mapping, in the style of the park's wildly popular Disneyland Forever show from a couple years ago. The show debuts with the rest of the resort's Pixar Fest on April 13 and will run through September 3.

Disney gave me the opportunity to see this show from right there in front of the castle during its hosted media preview for Pixar Fest earlier this month. Ultimately, Together Forever isn't about discovering any new narrative - pyro's not the medium for that. It's a celebration of the emotions that people feel during Pixar movies by calling back to some of those iconic scenes.

Here is what I wrote then: "Like all of the Pixar Fest celebration, the theme of Together Forever is the bond of friendship that drives so many Pixar stories... and so many visits to theme parks. Together Forever takes us through many familiar story beats from Pixar's top franchises, from the chance encounters that bring our heroes together, the adventures that challenge them, and the triumphs they achieve together."

Now you can see for yourself a preview of some of the pyro and projections that Disneyland will offer starting next month.

And like Disneyland Forever, this isn't going to be a show that can be fully appreciated from watching a video, or even just seeing it once. Watching it from the middle of Main Street will offer a different experience than seeing it front of the castle, which should encourage fans to come back to the park to see multiple times over the summer.

Which, of course, is exactly what Disney is hoping you will do.

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March 27, 2018 at 10:10 PM ·

Thanks for the info Robert. I'm looking forward to Pixar Fest at Disneyland Resort, especially the Together Forever and Paint the Night parade at DCA, since I missed the 60th celebrations. And with the opening of Pixar Pier and Alien’s Pizza Pizza (replacing Redd Rocket’s in Tomorrowland) nobody will notice ABL's absence. I also wonder how long its going to take for them to announce the conversion of Paradise Pier Hotel into a Pixar-themed hotel?

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