All aboard the 2019 Hype Train for PortAventura's Sesame Street ride

December 27, 2018, 12:21 PM · Continuing our look at 10 anticipated new attractions in 2019, we have a date with Grover, Big Bird, and the rest of the gang from Sesame Street... at Spain's PortAventura World.

Yes, SeaWorld Orlando is opening a new Sesame Street land in 2019, but we think the most compelling new Sesame Street attraction next year is coming to PortAventura's S├ęsamoAventura land.

Created by the interactive dark ride experts at Sally, Europe's first Sesame Street-themed dark ride will include a 10-minute pre-show experience and nearly six-minute ride. Sally teased the ride at last month's IAAPA Attractions Expo with a Big Bird animatronic at its booth.

Big Bird animatronic

"Detective Grover will be your guide through this interactive adventure, urging guests to collect clues that will help solve a mystery happening on Sesame Street," Sally said in is press release. "With numerous animatronic characters, immersive scenery, and interactive gameplay, this mixed media attraction will appeal to guests of all ages."

The as-yet-unnamed ride will include more than 2,000 "clues" for collection, including both screen-based and practical targets. The ride will include eight projection screens:

The new experience should enable visitors to enjoy time actually interacting with Sesame Street's characters, instead of just going on Sesame Street-themed carnival rides. No word yet on a specific opening date. PortAventura has not yet posted its operating calendar for 2019.

Tomorrow: The biggest mystery on our list.

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December 27, 2018 at 3:53 PM

That is going to be quite a beefy experience. I'm not the target area but with kids this ride could be the best new ride of 2019.

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