Check out the full on-ride POV video from Copperhead Strike

March 11, 2019, 4:31 PM · Copperhead Strike opens to the public with the start of the 2019 season at Carowinds, in less than two weeks. But you already can get a virtual ride on the new Mack Rides coaster, as the park has released its official POV video.

The ride kicks off with an unusual slow-speed heartline roll before its zero-to-42 mph, two-second launch. The ride hits its top speed of 50 mph after its second launch, which comes after its first loop and corkscrew.

Carowinds is setting Copperhead Strike in its new Blue Ridge Junction land, placing the ride on Granny Byrd's farm, where granny's not just cooking her prize-winning jam. It continues parent company Cedar Fair's tradition of adding a touch of theming to its recent coasters, even if those elements can be easy to miss by anyone who's focused simply on the ride.

Fans will get their first chance to ride Copperhead Strike IRL on March 23. But based on the video alone, what's your first impression?

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