Earth Day protest comes to Universal Studios Hollywood

April 22, 2019, 8:21 PM · Two people protesting global inaction against climate change today made their bid for attention by climbing the most famous globe in the Los Angeles area — the one in front of Universal Studios Hollywood.

From the protest live stream

Theme parks' high visibility makes them attractive targets for protest actions even as their relatively tight security — and high admission prices — helps to prevent disruptions. But today's protest did not take place inside the park, though it did happen within the park's security perimeter, just steps away from the screening checkpoints.

Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies, who have jurisdiction over the Universal City facility, arrested the two protestors as well as two other alleged accomplices on the ground. As far as theme park protests go, it's likely this one won't be nearly as long remembered as the legendary Yippie takeover of Disneyland's Tom Sawyer Island in 1970. But the selection of the globe for an Earth Day protest at least wins a point for visual symbolism that the guy who kept hanging Trump banners at Disney failed to earn.

The two protestors at Universal waved flags on sticks that they seem to have just gotten past the park's security screeners moments before. FWIW, Universal does not ban selfie sticks inside its parks, presumably making it easier to get something that could be used as a flagstick past security.

One wonders, as always after incidents such as this, how it might affect security screening and policies in the near future. Universal tightened its security screening a few years ago following shooting suicide inside the park.

The Universal protest was part of a series of protests by the same organization, in cities around the world today.

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