'Forbidden Frontier' brings role-playing interaction to Cedar Point

May 31, 2019, 10:31 AM · I'm certain most of you who are reading this are familiar, at least in theory, of the concept of Cedar Point's new attraction on Adventure Island. It's a major departure for the park. In general, Cedar Park has focused on the roller coasters, calling itself "Americas Roller Coast." Well, the times are changing. Welcome to Forbidden Frontier.


Your choice is to either take the challenge to pull you and your friends across Snake River Swamp, walk along the Boggy Bridge, or take the path and start your adventure. Your path takes you across to the island, and as you move along the path, there are detonators that, if you dare, can make quite a splash.

As you enter, you come upon your first building, where you are introduced to Etta Fox, or one of her officers, and you will be told about Truce Day and the two clans: the Wapis and the Cayugas. Of course, you can simply explore and look at the new buildings or partake of the food offered, but be forewarned, the occupants of the island will attempt to pull you into the story, and if you have the time, I suggest you allow them to do so.

Etta Fox

Join a tribe. I will not suggest which one... that is for you. There are puzzles to solve and mysteries afoot. There will be a presentation at The Middle Ground Stage that will bring you up to speed on the events of the past five years and what is to happen throughout the day. You may be asked to participate in the festivities. Of course, there is food and drink for you to sustain yourself throughout the day as you wind through the adventure. Your kids can find their own adventure in the climbing area, and you can rest in a row of hammocks and reflect on the day or just enjoy the surroundings.

There is much to do throughout the day — you may be asked to deliver messages, packages, or items, or you may be sent on a mission. There are hidden items to collect and places to explore.


A gypsy might tell you your future. Through it all you will be asked to join a side... and at the end of the day, when Truce Day is over, there will be a celebration at the stage.

Forbidden Frontier

There is much more for you to discover, but it is for you to explore on your visit to Cedar Point. As if there wasn't already enough of a reason to schedule you trip to Sandusky, Ohio, this summer, you now have a full day of adventure ahead of you. And if you encounter the gypsy Nadya, tell her Scott sent you.

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Replies (5)

May 31, 2019 at 1:22 PM

This sounds really interesting, though I wonder how viable it is at a place like Cedar Point. The fact of the matter is that role playing experiences like this are extremely labor intensive (expensive) to operate, and if guests are paying for a single admission to the park as a whole (with no upcharge for this), there's little revenue remaining after management pays for all the necessities of operating an amusement park to continue to fund something like this. It's certainly ambitious, but I'm concerned that it just won't find traction at a park full of "ride warriors", and will fall victim to tight budgeting. It works to a certain extent at a park like Knott's because they draw from a much wider demographic, whereas Cedar Point's core demo is teenage and 20-something thrill seekers. Will those guests have the patience or interest in something like this when a 90+ MPH scream machine is roaring overhead?

I'd probably give this a try if I spent multiple days at the park, but as someone who typically only gets 1 day a year a Cedar Point, I'm far more interested in getting on the coasters.

May 31, 2019 at 5:03 PM

Glad to see Cedar Fair continuing to attempt new attractions like Cedar Point's Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island and already a big fan of the original role playing theme park, Utah's Evermore Park- where the entire venue is one ever evolving and unique immersive adventure based on original narratives and characters. Amazed Evermore gets no attention whatsoever here, it is a well designed experience with seasonal events that keep the story progressing for repeat guests while entertaining new 'World Walkers." Like Westworld without the homicidal sex robots!:)

May 31, 2019 at 4:11 PM

It’s Ghost Town Alive from Cedar Point’s sister park Knott’s Berry Farm, brought to the Midwest. But is the visitor base in Ohio as ready to embrace this as the one in SoCal has been?

May 31, 2019 at 5:16 PM

This might be a neat idea to check out once, but I can't imagine it will have high repeatability, especially amongst the CP thrill-seekers. I agree with Russell's comments above. All I kept thinking about as I read the article--this is Cedar Point's take on the hit HBO series Westworld... only with a far less tragic outcome, let's hope! LOL

May 31, 2019 at 6:45 PM

As a local and a regular Cedar Point visitor, I can tell you that many people have been complaining that Cedar Point doesn't have much for non-Ride Warriors to do. Many of the non-intensive rides (Space Spiral, Western Cruise, Pirate Ride, San Francisco Earthquake) are gone and nothing has taken their place. I see this as an attempt by Cedar Point to provide activities for families of all ages, something that many people have been clamoring for. There's a large segment of the Cedar Point audience that goes with their families- and watches from the sidelines. This caters to them, giving them something to do as a family.

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