A new drone show could be coming to San Diego

November 15, 2019, 10:12 AM · A new drone show might be on its way to a Southern California theme park.

Permit applications reveal that SeaWorld San Diego is planning a test run of a new drone show this February, in advance of a potential official launch of the production next summer. The show would use up to 500 of the Intel Shooting Star drones that have featured in shows at other parks around the world, including Universal Studios Hollywood's Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle, Starbright Holidays at Walt Disney World's Disney Springs, and the opening ceremony for Dubai Parks & Resorts.

Intel won a Thea Award last spring from the Themed Entertainment Association for its Shooting Star drones.

SeaWorld's San Diego park lies within the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission, which subjects it to tighter environmental regulations that parks away from the coast face. In addition, fireworks in California are subject to ever-tightening air quality regulations, as well. A switch to drones for nighttime spectaculars could help SeaWorld gain approval to put on more such shows, while promoting a more environmentally friendly alternative to pyro blasts — something that would fit well with SeaWorld's pro-conservation marketing messages.

According to the proposal, the five-minute drone show would run select nights from February 4 through 18. SeaWorld is, as of now, not commenting on its drone show plans.

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