All aboard the 2020 Hype Train for Cheetah Chase

December 15, 2019, 8:52 PM · As 2019 winds down, let's get ready for the 2020 theme park season by looking ahead to our top 10 most anticipated attractions for the new year.

We start today with our number 10, Cheetah Chase at Indiana's Holiday World. This ProSlide RocketBLAST water coaster will have two sides that "race" each other, starting with a horizontal launch. That's a unique set-up for a water coaster, but it's the fact that this will be Holiday World's third water coaster in its Splashin' Safari water park that has us excited.

The addition of Cheetah Chase to its record-setting Mammoth and Wildebeest has Holiday World declaring itself the "water coaster capital of the world" for 2020, and that's enough to entice us to make a return trip to Santa Claus, Indiana to enjoy this new thrill. Holiday World is also the home to some of our favorite coasters in America, including the Bolliger & Mabillard launched wing coaster Thunderbird and the epic "reverse-hybrid" (wood track on a steel frame) coaster The Voyage.

But until this new thrill ride opens with the rest of Splashin' Safari in May, you can check the current status of Cheetah Chase construction on Holiday World's webcam.

The action continues with our number-nine pick tomorrow.

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