Walt Disney World raises its annual pass prices

February 11, 2020, 12:25 PM · On the same day that Disneyland raised its ticket and annual pass prices, the Walt Disney World Resort also raised its annual pass prices.

Disney World last raised its annual pass prices in June, but the Florida resort hasn't experienced the same dip in attendance as California did, which is perhaps a reason why Disney felt that it could raise prices on the east coast quicker than it did at Disneyland, where the last price increase came 13 months ago.

Still, like at Disneyland, this year's price increase at Walt Disney World is significantly less than last year's, which saw prices jump up to 25%. This year's increases ran between 6 and 7 percent for out-of-state pass buyers and up to 6 percent for Florida residents. Several APs saw no price change for Florida residents.

Non-Florida resident prices:
Platinum Plus12191295

Florida resident prices:
Platinum Plus999999
Weekday Select349369
Epcot After 4309319

As we reported earlier this morning, the price for Disney's two-coast Premier Pass, which covers both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, increased from $2099 to $2199, a 5 percent increase.

Daily tickets to the Walt Disney World Resort are priced on a variable pricing system, and are dependent upon the first date of your theme park visit. For discount on tickets to Disney theme parks and other attractions around the country, please visit our theme park and attraction tickets pages.

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