Disneyland Paris, Other European Parks to Close Again

October 28, 2020, 3:53 PM · [Updated 6am, Oct.29] Disneyland Paris and other major theme parks in France and Germany will close again due to the pandemic, as the two nations have ordered new national lockdowns in response to a resurgence of Covid-19 cases.

In France, the lockdown begins Friday and will continue until December 1. The order will be reassessed every two weeks, according to government officials. Disneyland Paris announced Thursday that it will close at the end of the day. Disney did not provide a reopening date, but said that it will take reservations for December 19 through January 3, 2021 and "hope[s] to be open based on prevailing conditions and government guidance at that time." Disneyland Paris also announced that its parks will close from January 4 through February 12.

In Germany, the closures begin on Monday, November 2, and will continue through at least November 11, when top officials will meet to decide on future action. Europa Park — Germany's largest theme park and the most visited park in Europe outside of Disneyland Paris — announced that it will close on November 2 and remain closed through November 30.

Within the past week, theme parks in Italy and Belgium have been ordered to close, as the number of cases in Europe rises.

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October 28, 2020 at 4:07 PM

And they had their curve MUCH lower than ours. Winter is coming . . .

October 28, 2020 at 5:40 PM

It would seem that Disneyland Paris will be closing again, this Friday.

October 28, 2020 at 8:16 PM

In Germany, theme parks along with any other sites catering to leisure activities have to close. Overnight tourism is entirely banned in November. See for example here: https://www.themepark-central.de/lockdown-freizeitparks-wasserparks

All business that does not cater to peoples leisure time can stay open however, just like during the first stricter lockdown. Elon Musk would have had no reason for another ego show here. Many industrial producers shut down voluntarily, mainly due to lack of demand, partially due to lack of supply from countries where some factories were shut down - for example Italy. There was a corona outbreak in a car factory by the way.

The general reasoning behind closing down leisure activities with a limited number of confirmed contagion cases is that 75% of cases cannot be contact traced at the moment. Therefore, we simply do not know if some actives are just harder to trace or genuinely safe.

October 28, 2020 at 9:16 PM

But yes, of course, let's go ahead and open Disneyland when our nation is having trouble handling this....

October 29, 2020 at 12:25 PM

Hans, reading your summary of the imminently reasonable actions being taken in Europe almost makes me want to cry. OF COURSE you would close down "leisure activities" in a pandemic. And by doing it early, you can check back every two weeks and see if the right progress has been made. How wildly sensible!

Here in the US, meanwhile, we're having sports games, political rallies, big weddings and college parties. Our small-minded people attack politicians for _refusing to open leisure activities. We're living in an insane asylum with a voracious death cult directed by a deranged nihilist.

Europe should offer amnesty to thinking Americans who want to escape this slaughterhouse.

October 29, 2020 at 1:10 PM


Hey Mike, You know I have advocated for caution as well and we both of us agree people are the X Factor. (They don't want to do what is best for their own well being.) And I am right there with you... I want to make a case again for more rigorous measures.

There is a safer path to reopening (than the temperature check theater). It's simply white noise to everyone at this point. The CDC has laid out the path as far as I am concerned, contact trace, test, isolate those that become ill. Do that well, we mitigate much of the current crisis. With parks closed, closing, and closing again, we know much of what continues to transpire does so without the intervention or the park being the source or likely cause.

BUT THEN... People all bandwagon and say "See, it's not the park!!!" So the only way to do this and make it work is, test before they arrive. If you travel by air, test before you arrive and again when they arrive at their hotel property. Screen and ask the proper health questions and trace contact. Queue park entry for day visitors separately and have them provide a test result within 72 hours prior to entry.

All parks can institute measures and negotiate for testing services and they already have measures to reduce contact and risk on their respective properties. What's cheaper, closing your doors or contracting lab companies to process quick tests to make sure they are doing everything to make sure guest do not present a risk to themselves or others?

Wouldn't that be proof positive that what they are doing shows results...?

October 29, 2020 at 1:22 PM

There are still people in every state all over the country still not wearing masks and social distancing. When I go to meet people, people still stick their hand out for a hand shake and get surprised when I go for the elbow bump. I can't speak for other countries but here in the USA at this point all of our problems are self inflicted as far as i'm concerned.

October 29, 2020 at 1:26 PM


True....way too true. Please stop making sense and presenting reason. I can't take anymore.

October 29, 2020 at 2:52 PM

Yep, the problem being that when elected leaders (who actually get sick themselves) still refuse to push using masks and having mass rallies, it's little wonder why people are ignoring the reality and acting like not being able to eat at a bar or going to a football game is the same as being stripped of all rights.

I've heard folks in Florida who groan "Please don't lump me in with the majority of idiots, some of us are taking this seriously and wish these places weren't open." And let's not forget how they now claim "oh numbers are higher because of more testing" ignoring the obvious.

October 30, 2020 at 8:14 AM

Everyone needs to stop overreacting! A lockdown causes mental health problems that are causing deaths in other ways. Locking down leisure activities means people are stuck at home and gaining weight, which causes long term health issues. For everyone says that we need to be SO concerned about this virus you would then also want everything that kills us to be banned right? We've known cigarettes spread cancer for 50+ years yet it's still legal to smoke in public almost everywhere. Oh, vape pens kill kids when they find the fluid and drink it. Alcohol slowly kills us... We know it but the majority of us still drink or smoke. There is an inherent risk to everything in life. Hundreds of people die in their shower every year but I'm still taking showers every day.
If you're scared of living then stay home and let the rest of us do what we want. My mental health is more important than a disease with less than a 1% death rate.

October 31, 2020 at 2:43 PM

You can add england to the list now

>>We've known cigarettes spread cancer for 50+ years yet it's still legal to smoke in public almost everywhere.

Governments worldwide have been spending a lot of money on educating people away from Cigarettes and implementing regulations to the point where in some countries indoor consumption, display in a store, and even branding on the box is banned... And go as far as to put pictuers on the box deliberately designed to put you off it.

>>There is an inherent risk to everything in life. Hundreds of people die in their shower every year but I'm still taking showers every day.

Not a good comparison.

The issue with COVID isn't whether or not you should be allowed to take the risk. If you want to run the risk of eating asbestos, I support your right to try to eat it.

The problem is you are not just assuming a risk for yourself. You are assuming a risk for everyone around you. You will be going to places where those who are suseptible and those who care for them have to go - like the supermarket. You could, whilst you're there, unknowinly spread the condition to them.

And before you say you're not sick... Neither was Typhoid Mary. It didn't stop her killing people.

October 31, 2020 at 6:34 PM

I'm baffled at this "people are gaining weight stuck at home" as if, somehow, the ability to exercise is taken away from them.

November 1, 2020 at 1:06 AM

There is a big misconception that if we just ignore the pandemic and re-open everything at full capacity that the economy will magically fix itself. It's not a coincidence that when WDW re-opened and everyone was still afraid of the virus that their attendance was really bad, then as case numbers went down people started getting more comfortable going out and attendance went up, and now that cases are surging again attendance is probably going to go down significantly again, that is why Fauci and many other reasonable experts on global health and economics have recently been criticizing the presidents response.

I have worked in big business all of my life, have an MBA, and would be fair to say I am way more educated in economics than I am in global health. You would think people like me are the stereotypical Trump support bandwagon on something like this, so when people like me come out and say that the president and his minions are complete fools people should take notice.

November 1, 2020 at 5:29 PM

@the_Man: You hit it, too many thought "reopen and folks will return" but not the case in many places. Look at movie theaters, the reason they hold off so many is how Tenet was supposed to be "the return of blockbusters" but guess what, folks wary of coming to a theater (and that was before new spike) so more likely they keep away for a while.

November 2, 2020 at 2:35 PM

It's getting unnerving at this point.... France, Germany, England, Belgium. This just seems like deja vu.

Here's hoping November or December is the month we change course and start contact tracing, testing and isolating on an international scale.

This is going to take everyone... not governments or politicians, people.

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