Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets Now on Sale

April 8, 2021, 8:35 PM · Tickets to the soon-to-reopen Universal Studios Hollywood are now on sale to California residents. And you can get discounts on many days through our travel partner.

Unlike in Orlando, Universal is requiring advance reservations to visit when Universal Studios Hollywood reopens officially on April 16. If you don't already have an annual pass to the park, you can reserve a spot simply by buying a date-specific ticket. Prices do vary by date, so check the prices on our travel partner's Universal Studios Hollywood tickets page. (And then compare that with Universal's own ticket page if you'd like to see how much you can save on certain dates through our partner instead.)

Pets Place

If you happen to have a ticket to the final weekend of the park's Taste of Universal event, you're in luck. Universal Studios Hollywood opened several of its rides today, including the new The Secret Life of Pets ride, in advance of the theme park's official return next week. If you're wondering how Universal can do that, the state of California allowed theme parks to reopen on April 1, and Los Angeles County is now in the Orange tier that allows parks to operate at 25% capacity. So long as Universal did not sell more "Taste of" tickets to put them over 25% of capacity, they're good to reopen the rides.

Normally, I would have run right over to give you an update and a ride review, but with limited capacity and advance reservations now in play at so many parks (today's event was sold out), I can't get into soft openings on the spur of the moment anymore. (The fact that Universal opened its rides just as Disney was about to launch its big online press conference today also left my hands tied. Gotta love the ways that Universal and Disney oh, so coincidentally mess with each other.)

So I would like to make this offer to Theme Park Insider readers. If you just happen to be in a park when it soft opens a new attraction that we've talked about here on the site, I will pay for the first high-quality on-ride or show video someone sends me, if I or an assigned write can't get to the park. This must be your own video (no downloads!) that you've not posted anywhere online yet, and I am looking for horizontal video, not vertical - so keep that in mind when you pull out your phone to record. (Or use a GoPro, which is often easier on many rides.)

Obviously, if a park has a metal detector on its new ride or an attendant tells you to put your camera away, don't try to record. But I would like to expand my reporting reach here on the site in this new era of operations, so if you have a newsworthy video (or anything newsworthy information) please email me at themeparkinsider@gmail.com.

For our latest guide to the park, please visit our Universal Studios Hollywood page, and, again, here is our travel partner's Universal Studios Hollywood tickets page.

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April 9, 2021 at 10:55 AM

Just saw some nice on-ride video and Secret Life of Pets looks really good. Fun and engaging queue and the ride has some really cute AAs. Just really solid all around. The whole ride comes in at about 5 minutes, which is a really good length for new rides these days.

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