Gardaland unveils more clues about its 2024 attraction

January 17, 2024, 1:30 PM · Italian theme park Gardaland has unveiled an icon for its new attraction, which is now under construction.

Gardaland has not yet announced a name for the new attraction, which it calls "an attraction for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers from Generation X to Generation Z, right up to Gen Alpha." But it has released photos of a large, purple stone, covered with mysterious symbols, that it has installed at the construction site.

New Gardaland attraction
Photo courtesy Gardaland

"The violet-coloured stone, personalised with 22 mysterious symbols and a message to be deciphered, becomes, until further details are revealed, the symbol of a new attraction that will welcome millions of guests in the coming season, who will be able to enjoy it in an ever-changing and emotively engaging manner, depending on their age," Gardaland said in its press release.

The new attraction replaces Sequoia Magic Loop and will have a height requirement of 47 inches and a capacity of 350 guests per hour, the park said today.

Of interest, today's announcement contains no reference to "legends of the Native Americans," which the park cited as the new attraction's inspiration in its tease last fall: Gardaland teases Indigenous American theme for 2024 addition.

On a personal note, what this new icon is giving me strong vibes of is my old school. As a graduate of Northwestern University, the moment I saw Gardaland's publicity image, I immediately thought of "The Rock," a landmark in the heart of Northwestern's Evanston campus that various student groups would paint with a different color and message every night. Given NU's school colors, purple was the color most often covering The Rock.

But, hey, there wasn't some special effects-laden theme park attraction behind The Rock - just a nineteenth-century classroom building. And tickets to Gardaland don't cost NU's rack rate of 65 large a year, either. So... advantage Gardaland?

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