Holiday World announces Mammoth, the world's largest water coaster

This is the park's big announcement for its new ride for 2012.

From Robert Niles
Posted August 3, 2011 at 9:13 AM
Holiday World announced today its largest ride development to date: A new water coaster for 2012 that will be the world's largest.

Mammoth will one-up the park's Wildebeest water coaster by covering three acres and sending riders down a five-story drop at a 45-degree angle.

Following that, "linear induction motors (LIMs) will propel the six-person round boats up additional hills, into dark enclosed sections and through twists and turns," according to the park's press release.

“The new twist to this water coaster is the six-passenger boats—this is a brand-new design,” park president Dan Koch said in the statement. “These round boats add tremendous capacity, plus riders may be facing forward, backward or even sideways. It’s all the fun of Wildebeest, plus Mammoth is taller, longer and wider. Starting next season we’ll have the two longest water coasters on the planet!”

We'd voted last week on what we wanted to see with this new announcement, but given the sub-$10 million price tag, we should known that a traditional coaster or dark ride was out of the question, given today's prices. Water coasters are less expensive to build than major new roller coasters or dark rides.

What do you think of Holiday World's plans?

Update: Here's a computer POV:

From Nick Markham
Posted August 3, 2011 at 9:30 AM
I am a bit disappointed. While Mammoth looks nice, and while having two water coasters in one park sounds interesting, Mammoth looks almost identical to Wildebeast. so it really just seems like Holiday World is placing the same ride in the park two years in a row.

I am sure Mammoth will be a fun ride, but they really need to develop their park, as while their water park is already in the top tens in the nation if not the world, the actual theme park aside from its three wooden coasters is lacking.

And a traditional coaster is not out of question. All three of their wooden coasters cost less than 10 million. And if they wanted to go steel, they could add a certain 110 foot tall coaster that is one-of-a-kind at my home park in Utah that I from day 1 thought would fit into an area nicely at Holiday World as their first steel coaster.

The compact yet tall, fast, and thrilling coaster I speak of.

From Zack McDonald
Posted August 3, 2011 at 11:22 AM
Just what I predicted something massive from Pro Slide. For everyone who wants a steel coaster keep in mind that Holiday World is a family park and they will never add an attraction with a height limit over 48 inches. Also notice that since Voyage all new major attraction are the world's largest something.

A great selection by Holiday World.

From James Rao
Posted August 3, 2011 at 12:17 PM
To steal a word from our friends at Coaster Radio, I am feeling some major "Anticipointment". I knew in the back of my mind a steel coaster was out ($9 mil is just not enough money for something that fits the uniqueness of HW), but I was hoping for something...uh...else.

Oh well. Still a great park... wouldn't mind stopping in next year on my way to visit Skyrush at Hersheypark!

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