Can Hard Rock Park/Freestyle Music Park re-open?

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From AJ Harris
Posted May 28, 2012 at 8:01 AM
The park has been closed since 2009 FPI US LLC cannot find investors, the park has failed twice and I think this time if it is family-owned & operated then chances are slim it will fail. This is going to take a true grassroots effort to bring it into fruition!

Family-owned businesses get more involved in their communities and surrounding areas, they understand that they are apart of the culture there and fight to survive longer than typical too big to fails. FMP/HRP failed for several reasons one of the primary being non aggressive advertising was used to promote the park, really no money was able to be used towards advertising when FMP took over as the hours of operation were being constantly changed, employees laid off, live performances stopped being booked. Other factors that lead to it's failure was High prices, very few rides, and mismanagement.

If any visited the park before, I know you miss it and I know I do as well as the original Pavilion amusement park. I know many of us were sad and felt pretty let down when it was tore down. Freestyle Music Park may not have as long as a history as the Pavilion or even Magic Harbor park(Pirateland Amusement Park) but that doesn't mean we have to let it remain abandoned and subject to demolition, not when it has so much potential to be a great one of a kind park!

Let's keep Myrtle Beach alive!

I have several plans that would create sustainable job-growth, provide job security, & attract new businesses all while boosting the economy. The three stores remaining open by the park are hoping the doors will re-open as they know themselves they would see a boost as well. All this can certainly be achieved with the assistance of a key veteran Leisure consultant Peter Alexander.

If you are familiar with E.T., Back to the Future, Jaws, and Earthquake then you have experienced his work. He learned from and worked with the likes of Blaine Gibson, Wathel Rogers, Rolly Crump, John Hench, and Marty Sklar. He began performing leisure project financial feasibility analysis for Walt Disney Productions during the creation of Disney's first "Ten Year Master Plan" and today works with major investors in the leisure industry on a daily basis.

Peter will be conducting the feasibility study & With it I will be able to approach lenders and venture capital firms. The feasibility study process will begin with an evaluation of the current site and competition. Market size and demographics will be included, as well as a project description in words, pictures, and computer graphic art that will tell my story to potential investors.

The parks yearly and design day attendance will be calculated through their copyrighted entertainment value/comparable value technique & will determine the square footage data for food service,retail,parking, attractions,back stage and total land area which is currently 55 acres (220,000 m²) on a 140 acre (0.57-km²) property.

Near the end of the study based on the park's yearly attendance and analysis of probable per capita spending a full financial analysis will be developed and if it is determined the project is or isn't financially feasible TFC will recommend ways to make it work in my market, so regardless something extraordinary can and will take place with this park.

The same rides we have come to love at the park will remain, along with several new being added, I will first go off and list the current rides that are there that will be removed and the remainder is what will stay before further sharing my plans for Outback Oasis Park.

To be removed:
-Origins - A film presentation showing the history of rock n roll and how it is intertwined with theme parks. The Origins theater was located in the front, entrance area, of the park.
-Roadies Stunt Show - A twist on the popular stunt show concept with rock and roll 'roadies' as characters. This show featured many 'cirque'-type elements and numerous pyrotechnic effects.
-Country on the Rocks - A rock themed ice show.
-Muddin' Monster Race (Huss Rides) - A spinning, swinging monster-truck-themed ride.[11]
-London Cab Ride (Huss Rides) -A heavily themed scrambler-type Huss Break Dance IV.

-Bohemian Rhapsody - A nighttime show held over the lagoon, set to the classic song by Queen. The show featured fountains, fireworks and a laser-light show displayed from the top of the giant Gibson Guitar icon.
-Malibu Beach Party - A live-action comedy show set to all the great beach classics and some modern day pop songs. A cast of dancers and swimmers danced, dove, performed stunts on motorcycles and interacted with the crowd in a lakefront/poolside amphitheater.

Roller Coasters

-Led Zeppelin - The Ride (Bolliger & Mabillard)
-Maximum RPM! (Premier Rides)
-Eagles-Life in the Fast Lane (Vekoma)- Formerly known as Midnight Rider
-Slippery When Wet (Premier Rides)
-Shake Rattle 'n' Rollercoaster (Vekoma)

Other rides

-All the King's Horses - A classic Merry Go Round.
- Monstars of Rock
-Magic Mushroom Garden (Huss Rides) - A Scrambler-style ride featuring the "World's largest blacklight poster."[11]
-Just a Swingin' - A Wave Swinger-type ride.
-Banana Splitsville
-Live Amphitheater
-Alice's Restaurant

Okay so [u]why [/u]the name Outback Oasis Park? If any have visited Busch Gardens before then it shouldn't be too far out there of an idea to have animals featured within the park. We will have wildlife from the abroad but mainly from the Outback. Animals will include but will not be limited to: Kangaroos,Wallaby's,Lemurs,Indris,Spotted Cuscus,Koalas, Wallaroo's,Tasmanian Pandemelon's, Sugar Gliders, Giraffe's, Zebras, Okapi,Pygmy Marmosets, and Chimpanzees. There will more than likely be an on-site Outback Steakhouse as well.

The Oasis comes in simply because it's nearby one of the most beautiful beaches in America, and the sky-tower is going to give an amazing view of it.

As far as new rides, I have about 30 I'm looking to add to the park.

New Coasters:
Jetski Coaster
Surfrider Coaster
Multi-Inversion Coaster
Impulse Coaster
Twist and Turn Coaster
ZacSpin Coaster

New Thrill Rides:
Multi Drop
Round Up
Spinning Star
Suspended Twin Hammer
Revolution 32

Giant Frisbee 55

Classic Rides:
Suspended Top Spin w/ Water Splash
Dark Rides
Dark Boat Ride
Multi-Motion Dark Ride
Scream in the Dark!
Zombie Paradise

And even though Monstars of Rock replaced it, it will remain where it is but I will be bringing back [b]Nights in White Satin[/b] (note monstars of rock is not going to be removed at all)

Family Rides:
Frog Hopper
Fly Willy
Giant Wheel

Supersplash vs Reverse Boat Ride (one of the two will be picked, it's up to the feasibility study to determine which will be more probable)
Observation Tower
Topple Tower
Screamin' Swing

So far those are all the rides I have in mind to be added to the park, the park hours will be from 10am-12am M-Sat and from 10am-10pm on Sunday. During our Carnifest Halloween season the park hours will be extended up until 1 am.

There of course will be scares to be haunted by throughout the entire park as well as live performances by the Insane Clown Posse to help add to the Haunted Carnival feel.

I'm looking for not just discussion regarding my plans on this park but also if possible donations toward my online projects to help raise money for the feasibility study which will help me approach lenders and venture capitalists to get the park bought from FPI US LLC and begin working on adding these rides and redeveloping the park.

Also keep in mind even if you can't contribute, helping spread the word on this project does just as much good. I'm looking for all the help I can get regardless of the form, please Let's help save Myrtle Beach's attraction industry and keep theme parks alive!

From Jorge Arnoldson
Posted May 28, 2012 at 8:46 AM
No, it cannot reopen (yet). If I were to purchase the park, I would take out all the rides (except the Time Machine), put in some new rides, and revamp the theming before reopening.

From Derek Potter
Posted May 29, 2012 at 8:19 AM
I still say that a large park in Myrtle Beach can work if marketed and managed properly. Those were the things along with the economic crash that killed Hard Rock. The park itself had the makings of a successful place, but they spent too much money, misjudged the Myrtle Beach vacationers, mismanaged the operations, and they did it at the worst possible time in history. The place was pretty much insolvent by the end of it's first month of operation. A couple of operating years and some adjustments at the top would have done wonders

Another thing that didn't help was the cost of licensing the Hard Rock name and the attractions tied to bands and songs. The bands and the owners of the songs that were tied to rides all got paid some amount of money. Tying the songs to the theme and name of the ride like that created unnecessary cost.

All the feasibility studies in the world mean nothing without the right plan and operations people in place. The sheer number of people that come to Myrtle Beach every year is more than enough to support it.

From David L.
Posted May 29, 2012 at 5:32 PM
I would love the park to reopen. I was planning on going, but then it closed. I really hope that one day it will become one of those successful high quality unique parks out there.

From AJ Harris
Posted May 29, 2012 at 9:20 PM
I am still putting together the main website but in the mean time I welcome you all to visit my indiegogo page just search Outback Oasis Park. I appreciate all the interest and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

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