Accidents Involving Injury at Gwazi Tiger

Official U.S. federal and state data on theme park accidents is almost nonexistent. That's why Theme Park Insider users are creating this visitor-maintained database of theme park accidents--to give public at least some information about attraction safety records.

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Verified Incidents

(Even though these incidents have been verified, individual reports might contain the opinion of the persons submitting them.)

7/25/2006 - Submitted by Philippasch on 7/26/2006

Thomas M. Welch, 52, of Palm Harbor, Florida, complained tha he felt ill shorty after riding Gwazi. Park paramedics responded and performed CPR after Welch lost consciousness. He was taken to local hospital, where he died, about two hours after riding.

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  • Follow-up:
    I read about this in the paper but it was unconfirmed but then I read about it on the site below, also with details of various other accidents. -- Submitted by smellybelly on 8/18/2006

    Unverified Reports

    None reported

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