Visitors Guide to Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City

Located in Branson, Missouri, Silver Dollar City opened May 1, 1960. The Herschend family bought a 99-year lease on Marvel Cave, a limestone cavern that has been one of the Ozarks' longest-running attractions. They then developed an 1880s-style Ozark village attraction around the cave that over the years has developed into Silver Dollar City... as well as a national entertainment company that also includes Tennessee's Dollywood.

Silver Dollar City opens for the season in March, continuing through its Harvest Festival and An Old Time Christmas events at the end of the year.

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New for 2024

Fire In The Hole - Built in a new show building in the Fire District land in the park, Rocky Mountain Construction's first indoor roller coaster provides the track for this reimagining of the park's classic dark ride. Minimum height: 36 inches

What to Do

Roller coasters

  1. Outlaw Run
    RMC Topper Track coaster with a 162-foot drop, 3 inversions, and top speed of 68 mph, in Wilson's Farm. Minimum height: 48 inches

  2. Time Traveler
    Mack Rides Xtreme Spinning Coaster with a 90-foot drop, 3 inversions, and top speed of 50 mph, in Valley Road. Minimum height: 51 inches

  3. WildFire
    Bolliger & Mabillard coaster with a 155-foot drop, 5 inversions, and top speed of 66 mph, in Hugo's Hill Street. Minimum height: 52 inches

  4. PowderKeg: A Blast in the Wilderness
    Premier Rides rebuild of the former Buzzsaw Falls, featuring a compressed air launch to 53 mph in 2.8 seconds, in Hugo's Hill Street. Minimum height: 42 inches

  5. Thunderation
    Arrow Mine Train coaster with a top speed of 48 mph, in Valley Road. Minimum height: 42 inches

For younger riders and their companions, Silver Dollar City also offers Grand Exposition Coaster, a Zamperla family coaster in The Grand Exposition. Minimum height: 36 inches

Other attractions

Marvel Cave: Located at the park's entrance. Tours of the limestone cave that inspired the park take about an hour. The tour includes about 700 steps and a potentially difficult climb to exit.

Hugo's Hill Street

  • American Plunge: log flume ride. Minimum height: 36 inches

The Grand Exposition

  • Electro Spin: Disk'O spinning ride. Minimum height: 48 inches
  • Elephant March: aerial carousel. Minimum height: 36 inches
  • Happy Frogs
  • Ladybugs Must be between 36-55 inches tall
  • Magnificent Wave Carousel: wave swinger. Minimum height: 36 inches
  • Mighty Galleon: swinging ship. Minimum height: 36 inches
  • Racing Regatta. Minimum height: 36 inches
  • Royal Tea Party: tea cups. Minimum height: 36 inches
  • Wings of Wonder

The Fire District

  • Fire Spotter: balloon-styled aerial carousel
  • Fire Wagon Frenzy
  • FireFall: drop tower
  • FireHouse Play Place: playground
  • Fireman's Flyers: children's wave swinger. Must be between 36-52 inches tall
  • Lucky's Dizzy Dogs
  • Up The Ladder


  • Grandfather's Mansion: haunted shack walk through
  • Half Dollar Holler: playground
  • Swinging Bridge


  • Mystic River Falls: rapids ride with a vertical lift. Minimum height: 40 inches
  • Tom & Huck's RiverBlast: River Blast interactive boat ride

Valley Road

  • Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train
  • The Flooded Mine: interactive boat ride

Wilson's Farm

  • The Giant Barn Swing: Screamin' Swing. Minimum height: 48 inches
  • The High-Low Silos. Pulley tower. Must be between 40-80 inches tall

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Park Map

Silver Dollar City is located just west of Branson, Missouri, at 399 Silver Dollar City Pkwy. Free parking is available, as well as paid parking closer to the entrance.


Silver Dollar City often opens its Main Street area early, for visitors who want to buy the breakfast buffet at Molly's Mill Restaurant. After the park's flag raising opening ceremony, head first to Powder Keg at rope drop to avoid its mid-day waits. If it's a hot day, Mystic River Falls often has a longer mid-day wait, but few fans wish to go on that drenching river rapids ride first thing in the morning.

Your next priority to avoid long waits is to double back for Time Traveler, then you can pick up rides at your convenience. Fire In The Hole will have long wait times in the morning, as it's the new thing in the park, buy that ride's relatively high capacity will mean shorter waits later in the day, when most visitors move on to other rides.

Even during the summer high season on Saturdays in June and July, wait times at Silver Dollar City rarely become unbearable. But the park does sell two line-skipping passes. The TrailBlazer costs $60 plus tax and allows up to eight rides, though it is limited to one time only on Fire In The Hole and Mystic River Falls. The Super TrailBlazer is $97 plus tax and allows for unlimited rides, with the exception of that one time only on Fire In The Hole and Mystic River Falls.

Silver Dollar City's most popular food item is its Cinnamon Bread, which you can watch being made and baked at Clara Belle's Cinnamon Bread in Rivertown.