All aboard the 2020 Hype Train for Mystic River Falls

December 18, 2019, 7:11 PM · Next up on the list of our most-anticipated new attractions for 2020 is Silver Dollar City's Mystic River Falls.

Silver Dollar City is promoting this $23 million attraction from RES as the tallest drop on a rapids ride in North America, beating out SeaWorld Orlando's Infinity Falls. The ride also will feature an 82-foot, four-platform rotating elevator lift tower and an elevated river channel on a nearly half-mile, five-and-a-half-minute adventure. The stats impress, sure, but it's not the prospect of going on another river rapids ride - no matter how upsized - that has us intrigued about this new adventure.

No, it's the story that Silver Dollar City has created to frame a narrative around this new attraction that has caught our attention. Seriously, not even Disney produces hype videos like this one:

Grounded in the park's history - Silver Dollar City will celebrate its 60th anniversary next year - Mystic River Falls tells a story about the early exploration of the park's very real Marvel Cave. But the designers take that nonfiction premise and spin from it a much more fantastic tale... one that allows us a wild ride through the Missouri Ozarks wilderness as a result.

This is the added touch that elevates great theme park attractions above carnival fare. And it's nice to see a park that, frankly, doesn't have Disney's or Universal's resources at its disposal making that extra effort. That's why Mystic River Falls earned this spot on our 2020 Hype Train list.

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