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Marvel Cave

Marvel Cave is a tour in Main Street at Silver Dollar City. While it's not the best, it is also recommended.

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When visiting Silver Dollar City, a tour of Marvel Cave is always included with admission. These cave tours depart approximately every hour and last 60 minutes, with most of that time spent traversing nearly 600 stairs. A trained cave guide hosts the journey and provides visitors with anecdotes of historical or geological importance.

A cable train takes cave visitors up the half mile, 1070-foot climb back to the surface once the tour is complete.

For an extra charge, Silver Dollar City also offers a Lantern Light Tour where visitors can experience Marvel Cave the old fashioned way, without electricity. Guides dressed in period costume will provide historical facts and little known stories during the 90 minute extended tour, which is limited to 20 people a day.

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Incredible experience, especially when you consider that there is no additional charge. It's a sometimes harrowing walk-through tour that lasts at least an hour. There is a lot of walking, so be ready for that. But it's worth the effort. The final train ride is also a great throwback and a little scary too given its age.

An outstanding tour, well worth an hour of your time. There is a lot of walking, and some tight, narrow spots, so be prepared, and take the tour guide seriously when he or she explains what is going to take place on your journey. The cave is breathtakingly beautiful, meticulously maintained, and simply awe inspiring. Additionally, your tour guide is more than willing to answer questions and offer insights into the cave's history. This tour is a unique experience at a theme park, and something that should not be missed. Outstanding.

Don't miss the cave tour on your visit to Silver Dollar City. It's a very good tour that doesn't cost any extra.

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