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Time Traveler

Time Traveler is an excellent roller coaster and one of the best attractions at Silver Dollar City. The minimum height to ride is 51 inches.

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This $26 million Mack spinning coaster opened in March 2018. It has two launches and three inversions, including a vertical loop, dive loop, and zero-G roll. With a 100-foot, 90 degree drop, Time Traveler is the world's fastest, tallest, and steepest spinning coaster.

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Time Traveler is a fun, one of a kind experience. From the brilliantly constructed, three-story load house that is built to take full advantage of the park’s sweeping terrain, to the exhilarating, 10-story, 90-degree vertical drop as the trains leave the station, to the innovative spinning ride vehicles, the three inversions, the two Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) launches (one horizontal and one inclined), and the 14 points in the circuit when the track is passing over or under itself, Silver Dollar City's latest coaster is a terrific, whole-family attraction that is not to be missed when visiting the park. Ride in the back car for the best experience, imho.

I made a special trip to Silver Dollar City for this coaster because it looked so intriguing. And it is. It's undoubtedly the most innovative coaster to open in 2018. Spinning down a 90-degree drop is quite an experience, as is everything else about the ride. It's lavishly themed and the unusual ride vehicles are beautiful to behold.

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