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Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Motion Base Ride - 48 inches to ride
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Professor Dumbledore has opened Hogwarts Castle to Muggles for the first time, and you're invited. Step inside the castle for a walking tour of the dungeons, greenhouses, and Dumbledore's office, before Harry, Ron and Hermione catch up to you in the Defense Against Dark Arts classroom. They warn of the dreadfully boring hours-long lecture you're about to hear and convince you to join them on the Quidditch pitch instead. But how to get there? After a tour of the Gryffindor common room, you're into the Room of Requirement to board a flying bench for an airborne tour of the castle and grounds. Now if only you could get away from that nasty dragon that keeps chasing you....

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey uses a unique ride system with benches mounted on the ends of robot arms (similar to what you'd see on an auto assembly line), that move on a ride track. This allows you bench to rise, dip, sway and twist to simulate a feeling of flight. High definition projection screens, plus physical effects and animatronics, all help bring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter alive on this ride. (If you don't want to ride, you can go through the queue to tour Hogwarts before exiting at the Room of Requirement.)

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One of the best attractions I’ve ever been on. Wouldn’t recommend right after a meal, but it’s definitely a must-do!

It's a unique ride experience and the queue is phenomenal. It's the best ride in either park!

Still one of the best rides anywhere!

I'm not sure what's better, walking through the castle, or the ride itself. Both are a MUST DO at this park. Harry Potter fan or not, this is awesome.

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