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Revenge of the Mummy

Revenge of the Mummy is an excellent roller coaster in Egypt and one of the best attractions at Universal Studios Singapore. The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.

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Plunge into darkness on this indoor roller coaster as you face warrior mummies trying to claim your soul for the undead fiend Imhotep from the "Mummy" series of action films. This version of Mummy features a darker ending than the U.S. versions of the same ride.

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Has a Single Rider queue for people riding solo and groups that don't mind being split up across multiple launches of the ride to fill singleton gaps that cannot be filled by the normal or Express queues fully.

Differences in local technical skillsets, reduced availability of space, and the popularity of The Mummy as a property at the time it was built mean that this is technically a different ride in some ways from the original dark coasters that bear the same name in Orlando/Hollywood. Ride it even if you've ridden it to boredom at Unversal Studios Orlando/Hollywood.

Priority has been paid to maintaining the ride as safe despite its extreme speeds and one extremely unexpected set of coaster movements at the start of the ride. Unfortunately, some crucial animatronics have been gradually set to run in a degraded mode that takes away some of the 'realism' and shock factor of the ride's show sequences.

As always, a ride-safety video is available (English w. Chinese/English subtitles) though the queues go through only static Ancient Egyptian-themed displays. The cars each seat four rows of four and riders are held in by individual lapbars.

The amount of heat put out by the ride across multiple effects and even its use of linear induction motors for propulsion in Singapore's tropical heat necessitate a more heavy-handed approach to cooling the enclosed area of the ride - if you hate the thought of sitting in temperatures that plunge easily to around 20 degrees Celsius, keep a warm jacket when in this attraction! Expect to spend 20-90 minutes on a busy day waiting to board, though wait times for Single Riders and people on Express passes are much smaller.

Free lockers are available on both sides of the entrance for holding bags, headwear and loose articles while riding.

The best, and darkest, version of Universal's indoor roller coaster attraction.

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