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Cedar Creek Mine Ride

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 6 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

Photo of Cedar Creek Mine Ride

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A runaway mine train coaster. Good for the kiddies, but there are little to no real thrills on this one. The theming for this ride is not bad at all.

AJ Hummel
While not the worst mine train out there, Cedar Creek Mine Ride isn't that great. To me, the ride just feels like an oversized kiddie coaster with uncomfortable trains. This one is smoother than some of the other Arrow mine trains, but I've got a feeling that is partially due to a relatively low-speed layout.
James Rao
A very, very tame mine train coaster. 4-Mediocre.
Steven D
A fun ride, but the height req is ridiqulous. you have to be 48 inches or talle to ride, and it isnt very big.
Edward Morgan
I think this is the most adored this is one of the most underrated rides. This is a great Mine train. Having been used to the usual 1 drop in tunnel Six Flags, it was nice to have a smooth, long, good looking, and surprisingly fun Mine Train. It also had a very strange beauty to it. It is such a great piece of land. 8/10
Shayne Nissen
The Cedar Creek Mine Ride is a great ride for kids. But kids and when I mean kids i mean kids 8 and under. But one tip for older kids if you want to scare the younger kids act like the first hill(which by the way is a fake and what i mean by fake is that the first hill when your about to go down just takes a little dip then goes straight then drops.)is real and start screaming your heads off. for kids 8/10. For older kids and adults.1/10
brian newsome
This ride is dear to my heart. My first coaster as well as my deceased mother's favorite (and only) coaster that she would ride. Honestly, for a mine train, it entertains to the level it should.
Bob Miller
Jerky. And the lapbars are too tight. 3/10

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