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Gemini reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Gemini, a roller coaster at Cedar Point. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

Photo of Gemini

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Dual "racing" coasters on twin figure-8 tracks. Built in 1978 by Arrow, this is actually a steel track on a wood structure. With a 125 foot first hill and a top speed of about 60 mph, the Gemini is one of the parks most ridden attractions. The first drop is deceptively steep and fast, and being able to slap hands with the people in the other car is a popular pastime on this ride.

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Readers' rating:

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A really great wooden roller coaster. It was smooth, the airtime hills were awesome, and the racing coaster concept is really cool. Lines are usually short and move quickly, so it's definitely worth a visit. - Emily Kramer

I first rode Gemini in 1979 - a year after it opened. It was the biggest and fastest roller coaster in the world at that time. I remember being so scared when I first rode it! Today, it's still a great ride with a very short wait, if any at all. Whenever the lines are too long at other rides, we often head to Gemini for a good time. - Roger S

Rode 8/29/2012 - Fun Cedar Point classic. Great headchopper effects. Not terribly thrilling, but it is a fun ride, with usually short fast moving lines. A must do at CP. - Jeff K

Gemini looks like it has a really long line, but it is one of the fastest line-moving coasters ever. This was my first racing coaster. It's really smooth. I love the first drop. Another can't miss at the Point. Some Arrow coasters are like, "seriously?" and others are really underrated like this one. - Bradley Keith

A good ride for kids to get started on being that it is a ride over 100 feet. The racing part of the ride makes it a lot better and me and my friends also have a competition to see who wins. Always an enjoyable ride on a slow day. 7/10 - Shayne Nissen

It is very good for such an old ride. I felt that it was a bit too rough in that helix with lots of whiplash, but still it has some good ejector airtime. Sadly, I'm not a fan of ejector airtime so this is not in my top. 8/10 - Edward Morgan

never al line, and an awesome ride. - Steven D

A great coaster! Not extremely thrilling but really fun. The things that make it great are the airtime, racing, the headchopper, and the helix. I like it even more than Magnum XL-200. Intensity: 6 - Will Gibson

Gemini is one of the best rides in the park. Ejecter airtime on nearly hill. Plus the racing aspect makes it such a fun ride. And you never know who will win. 10/10 - Bob Miller

This is a lot of fun when both sides are running. On slower days, only one side runs, which lessens the thrill factor substantially. A few good drops. The helix at the end is worth waiting for. - Jamie Bennish

7-Very good ride, compared to other Arrow Dynamics coasters (I'M LOOKING AT YOU VIPER AND SCREAM MACHINE) smooth and fast. - Justin Vuong

9-Outstanding. One of the better racers I've been on, with a snappy finish - a tight, high-speed helix (though how fast you travel is highly dependent on the brake system, which changes ride-to-ride). When it's fully operational, it's a blast, more fun than many of the parks larger coasters. Mercifully, the line moves quickly, too. - Joshua Counsil

Very good roller coaster nice Hybrid Coaster. Since it is a hybrid it is not as rough as many wooden coasters. Don't miss this one as the lines will be light and racing other coasters is fun. - Kris Peerman

My father and I had boatloads of fun on this ride. It's unique in its design and the wait is never long. I think we rode it five or six times. - Beth Bickar

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