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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 52 inches

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This 4,400-foot-long Intamin coaster has a LSM "lift" hill and a LSM launch in a tunnel underneath the station. The first hill is 105 feet tall and drops at a 95 degree angle. The coaster includes several airtime hills and 2 inversions; Maverick originally was supposed to have 3 inversions, but the heartline roll was taken out (It put lots of stress on the trains) leaving Maverick with 2 inversions.


Best Roller Coaster I have ever been on. Completely unexpected aspects.
Crazy things happen on this ride. Love that so many thrills can happen on a coaster than does not have a big drop. Only negative? Perhaps the longest line in the park at times.
Maverick is almost the ideal coaster. The ride has a variety of elements, giving it moments with good airtime, strong forces, high speeds, and inversions. The ride is long, but there isn't a dull bit of track in the coaster. The first part of the ride is thrilling, but it isn't until the second that you realize how intense this deceptively small coaster actually is. And even though the ride is intense, it isn't so intense that it can't be ridden again and again. If there is a fault of this ride, it is that you can receive some pretty painful neck chops if you aren't paying attention or don't know what to expect, but after one ride it shouldn't be too difficult to avoid this. I absolutely consider Maverick a top five coaster, and it is my favorite ride at Cedar Point.
Amazing ride on this Intiman gem. Two great launches. A very good drop on the first hill and great curves on this very quick coaster. No waiting for this coaster either. On a very nice un-crowed day at the Point.
What a ride!!! Wow! From the fast rising lift hill to the final launch, Maverick is definitely a ride that lives up to expectations. That first drop is amazing as you are flung out of your seat, and race recklessly through the rest of the twisted course, with the nearby bay on your left hand side. And I remember yelling “Wait for it! Wait for it!” to my family as we slowed in the tunnel prepping for the launch halfway through the ride. What an exhilarating experience. I had high hopes but Maverick still managed to impress me. 9-Outstanding.
One of a kind. Super fun!
This is a great ride!!! This is one of the rides that always keeps you excited through the full thing! The only really problem is the wait times are always ridiculous! My personal favorite part is the first drop! The drop curving in at a 95 degree angle is insane and provides an extra thrill! The tunnel magnetic launch is also great! Also, it actually feels faster than it really is, which I think is a great feature. In my opinion this coaster tops Millennium Force!
My favorite roller coaster at Cedar Point. Two amazing magnetic launches, an inverted first drop, and several wide-angle barrel rolls and banked turns make this a truly fantastic ride. In addition, the theming around the ride really set a good tone; all in all, a very well done roller coaster. Definitely worth waking up early for!
AMAZING ride! The very front is the best to ride, but the first drop is higher than it looks and, especially in the front seat, makes you feel like you're flying out of the seat. But the rest was AMAZING and don't get fooled by the tunnel because it pulls you back in your seat a lot. But overall, GREAT ride!!

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