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Maverick reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Maverick, a roller coaster at Cedar Point. (The minimum height to ride is 52 inches.)

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Posted: December 4, 2008

This 4,400-foot-long Intamin coaster has a LSM "lift" hill and a LSM launch in a tunnel underneath the station. The first hill is 105 feet tall and drops at a 95 degree angle. The coaster includes several airtime hills and 2 inversions; Maverick originally was supposed to have 3 inversions, but the heartline roll was taken out (It put lots of stress on the trains) leaving Maverick with 2 inversions.

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What a ride!!! Wow! From the fast rising lift hill to the final launch, Maverick is definitely a ride that lives up to expectations. That first drop is amazing as you are flung out of your seat, and race recklessly through the rest of the twisted course, with the nearby bay on your left hand side. And I remember yelling “Wait for it! Wait for it!” to my family as we slowed in the tunnel prepping for the launch halfway through the ride. What an exhilarating experience. I had high hopes but Maverick still managed to impress me. 9-Outstanding. - James Rao

One of a kind. Super fun! - Nick Mitchell

This is a great ride!!! This is one of the rides that always keeps you excited through the full thing! The only really problem is the wait times are always ridiculous! My personal favorite part is the first drop! The drop curving in at a 95 degree angle is insane and provides an extra thrill! The tunnel magnetic launch is also great! Also, it actually feels faster than it really is, which I think is a great feature. In my opinion this coaster tops Millennium Force! - Joe Strutz

My favorite roller coaster at Cedar Point. Two amazing magnetic launches, an inverted first drop, and several wide-angle barrel rolls and banked turns make this a truly fantastic ride. In addition, the theming around the ride really set a good tone; all in all, a very well done roller coaster. Definitely worth waking up early for! - Emily Kramer

AMAZING ride! The very front is the best to ride, but the first drop is higher than it looks and, especially in the front seat, makes you feel like you're flying out of the seat. But the rest was AMAZING and don't get fooled by the tunnel because it pulls you back in your seat a lot. But overall, GREAT ride!! - Gabe Maldonado

Maverick is a great ride because it incorporates drops with airtime, a launch, inversions, and theming. Only negative is the head whipping throughout the ride. It isn't too bad if you push out against the harness and try to lean into turns.. (9/10) - Lexi R

LOVE this ride. I never tire of it. It's the only ride where I'm consistently breathless at the end because of all its twists and turns. My favorite parts are the first drop, the great airtime going over the first hill, and the tunnel launch. - Roger S

It's a good one but I really really REALLY hate the new intamin cars. I don't like how small they are or the feeling of not being inclosed. I guess I'm a sucker for the more cumbersome box style scheme but I'm sure they can make a sleek modern version without the feeling you're barely in a car. The worst thing is that there's no solid bar to hang on to I can't handle that. With that said the ride is one of the most intense I've ever been on albeit very uncomfortable. The speed-up in the tunnel was wicked. The 95 degree drop wasn't as scary as I thought it would be but it was uncomfortable to me. Really popular ride I just wish intamin would change the cars and give you something to hang on to. - Raymond Ass

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