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Wicked Twister

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 52 inches

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Using a LIM launch system, riders blast out of the station at 50 miles per hour, gradually increasing it's speed to a top speed of 72 MPH. Following a U-shaped track with twin 215-foot, 450-degree twisting towers, Each ride launches out of the station five times--three forward and two backward.


I really like the impulse coasters, and to me Wicked Twister is the best of the bunch. The ride isn't the most impressive coaster out there, but it provides a quick thrill and is more intense than it looks due to the tightness of the twists.
In my book. Not a very exciting ride. Not very smooth and you can not see anything.
Short and sweet. And I love the acceleration. 7-Good.
This was actually my favorite coaster until Gatekeeper came out! It provides amazing thrills all throughout! There is never a wait over 30 mins and it is worth it even if there was! The launch to 72 mph feels awesome and the spirals are insane!! I wish the ride was a little longer, but it's still a must ride coaster!
Great coaster with an intense launch. I love how every time it shoots through the station it gains more speed. Ride 3/4 of the way back or 2/4 of the way to the front. Not the middle unless you have a fear of heights and don't want to enjoy what makes this thing so good: the height.
i rodthis ride three times in one day first time i rode in the middle and i wont lie it was probully the worst coaster i ever rode then my freinds convinced me to ride again and that time i chose the front thats when it started getting good if ur in the front seat u actually get to the top of the spiral so it was much more fun then going half way up after that i had so much fun and got in line again and rode in the back the back made this coaster one of my favorates at cedar point first u get the whole launch then when u come back after the first drop and start ur ascent to the top of the spiral u are not sure when the top is its trully amazing the back gives u some amazing airtime so basicly back is more fun front is better view and middle sucks
Wicked Twister is an amazing ride that really captures speed and height all at the same time. A fun ride to ride and the best part is it usually isn't that long of a wait. This is a must ride when visiting Cedar Point 9/10
A fun ride with a short line. It is breathtaking at the end in the back. I must say that it is a bit too short and it kind of nauseates me. Still a must ride at the point. 8/10.
WT's location is excellent, though it can get cold standing in line at night. Ride in the very back seat; the view looking down from the top of the back spiral is amazing.

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