What's new on the discussion board: Seeking a Harry Potter touring plan, plus designing dream attractions

May 19, 2010, 7:52 AM · Here are the top new threads this week on the Theme Park Insider Discussion Board:

Brooks Taylor asks the question that many are asking this summer: How to see Harry Potter and Mickey right

On that same topic, brian lochridge asks for answers on Harry Potter Questions/attack plan

Jol Silversmith took the Busch Gardens Insider Tour and submits us a detailed trip report.

Andrew Holden is also looking to talk about Busch Gardens Tampa and wants to know about Gwazi: Your Thoughts?

Rob Moore wants to know - Week of June 6 - Good or Bad Time to Visit Walt Disney World?

And Rob's also thinking about the two parks at Universal Orlando and asks, Three Days - how to split up the time?

Eve N wants to know how to increase the chances that someone is picked to be the WDW Magic Kingdom Parade Grand Marshall.

Anthony heads to Disneyland Resort! Well, not yet, but he's looking for some tips for an upcoming trip.

Looking ahead to a hot summer, Beth Bickar asks where to find the AC at Cedar Point.

Tamara Bell is looking for Discounts/Coupons for dining at Hershey.

duncan henny gets a thread going on ride reimagining/upgrades. What rides would you like to see improved?

In a similar vein, David L. asks you to design Your dream Frontierland.

And Daniel Smith asks what attraction line-up would prompt you to visit a Disneyland Australia.

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