What's new on the discussion board: How to deal with allergies, and crowded theme parks

January 4, 2011, 10:44 AM · We've got lots of great conversations going on now on the Theme Park Insider Discussion Board. Here are the top new threads from the past week:

Cori Meck's daughter has a peanut allergy: How allergy friendly is Disneyland?

Cori also asks a follow-up question about Concierge Level at Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel.

Disney Paradise Pier Hotel

Deena McCulloch wants to know your best guess for the size of Universal Orlando crowds in March.

Daniel Etcheberry brings up two new high-speed rail projects in California and Central Florida: Will high speed trains bring more tourists to the Disney parks?

Rod Whitenack comes up with what might be one of the few extra-revenue opportunities that Disney hasn't tried yet in Has Anyone Ever Been Allowed To Spend the Night on Tom Sawyer Island?

Does a theme park owe guests refunds when the park gets too crowded? Can a park be too crowded? Those are the issues under debate in Jim Unger's Universal's Islands of Adventure Too Crowded, but will not issue refund.

Finally, Brad W wants to know which Las Vegas Attractions are worth the time and money.

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January 4, 2011 at 6:35 PM · Yea typicly any amusementpark or carnival stands will say ALL PRODUCTS COOKED IN PEANUT OIL IF THEY USE IT.

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