What's new on the discussion board: The top theme parks in Britain

May 17, 2011, 10:59 AM · Here are the week's top new threads on the Theme Park Insider Discussion Board:

Ever wondered about theme parks in Great Britain? Lauren Hayhurst elicited some great responses by asking British Theme Parks - Any good? If so, what?

Nemesis at Alton Towers

Zach Nelson offers a great update by posting codes for Extra songs for Hollywood Rip, Ride, and Rockit.

Also on the topic of Universal Orlando resort, Terri Pierce asks about the Rumored Digital Projector on Spiderman.

Dan S asks the unanswerable question: Universal Studios Or Walt Disney World?. But that doesn't mean that some of us didn't try.

That conversation then promoted Nick Markham to ask Disneyland Better Than Walt Disney World?

Daniel Etcheberry wants to hear your guesses: How much do you think it will be the waiting time for the new Star Tours during the Star Wars weekends?

He also updates us about Universal Studios Singapore, where Madagascar: A Crate Adventure had its soft opening on Friday 13th.

Yours truly gets his Grinch on in an attempt to destroy an Internet meme in Cinderella and the British Royal Wedding.

I also posted the New mazes announced for Knott's Halloween Haunt 2011.

Finally, as always, Jeff Elliott checks in with his round-up of other theme park news: Last week at your amusement park...May 16, 2011

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