What's new on the discussion board: Theme park birthdays, T-shirts and is Manta the best coaster ever?

October 4, 2011, 8:59 AM · Lots of fun conversations on the Theme Park Insider Discussion Board this week:

Zackiel Marsh was inspired by the 40th anniversary of Walt Disney World to ask what Attractions Opened On Your Birthday?

Remember that YouTube video about the plight of Disney's animatronic hippos? Well, here's the reply: Animatronic Hippos are Not In Danger!

Scott B kicked off a long discussion with his report about Wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt to Universal Islands of Adventure (apparently this shouldn't be done).

Mark Walker lays down his 10 Reasons Why Manta Is The Best Roller Coaster In The World.


After facing a 40 minute wait in the return line at Space Mountain this weekend, I ask What's the longest you've waited *with* a Fastpass?

Nick Dakuginow details his 13 1/2 Hour Theme Park Gauntlet from Walt Disney World to Halloween Horror Nights XXI.

KJ Simpson Needs advice for my Universal visit.

Mark Fairleigh offers a suggestion for a new attraction that would involve The Beatles at Universal Studios Florida.

Wok Creative found a great link to a 1988 EuroDisney in-house planning video.

Finally, let's wrap up with some news: SeaWorld rumors: New ride at Penguin Encounter confirmed and New 65-foot swing ride coming to Holiday World. And, as always, the rest of the week's news is in Jeff Elliott's Last Week At Your Amusement Park......October 3.

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