What's new on the discussion board: new attractions and new attraction plans

June 19, 2012, 2:02 PM · First up, my apologies for neglecting to link in last week's Discussion Board update to the latest From the Trenches of Amusement from Jeff Elliott. So here ya go, a bit late. (It's still fun. Go read it.)

Karly Tenney keeps the conversation flowing about Transformers at USF, and readers supply some relevant information in the comments that confidentiality promises have prevented me from reporting.

Transformers the Ride

But let's not forget that if you're willing and able to get to Los Angeles (or Singapore!), you can ride Transformers right now. Manny Barron has, and he offers his thoughts, along with those about SeaWorld San Diego's new terrain coaster, in Transformers and Manta.

M. Ryan Traylor's also visited two new theme park attractions, except he made a cross-country trip to do it. Hear about his trips to Verbolten and Cars Land in Two New Attractions - One Epic Weekend.

Too much optimism for you, you dark, cynical Theme Park Insider reader? Andrew Dougherty's got you covered with a lively discussion about your Least favorite attractions.

Finally, Theme Park Apprentice 4: Challenge 3 is up and our contestants are working on their plans for nighttime experience at any of the SeaWorld theme parks. Check them out - you'll get to vote on the plans next Monday.

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