It's time to start planning your 2017 roller coaster vacation

December 1, 2016, 11:06 PM · Is it time to start planning another big cross-country summer roller coaster roadtrip?

For a theme park fan, I suppose the answer to this question is always an emphatic "yes!" But practical matters often seem to get in the way of actually hitting the road for that big month-long trip to ride 30 coasters in half-a-dozen parks that we dream. I've been fortunate enough to have taken my family on several cross-country trips before the kids started college, but many, many coasters remain on my "never ridden" list. Too many.

That point became uncomfortably clear to me when I looked at our Top 10 roller coaster list that we publish along with other Top 10 reader rating lists for our Insiders. I've been on three of our listed coasters.

Three. And I'm supposed to be running this site. What an awful example I'm setting here!

So, clearly, it's going to be time to hit the road next summer. Where should I go? Based upon your collective ratings, my top two destinations ought to be Carowinds and Six Flags Great Adventure, as those are the two parks that have multiple highly-rated coasters I've not yet ridden. But, on an ideal itinerary, I should include stops at Canada's Wonderland, Kings Dominion, Dollywood, and Silver Dollar City, too. (I've visited Carowinds and Dollywood before, but the other four parks would be first visits for me.)

Now if you know anything about me, you might recognize the, uh, slight logistical problem with me roadtripping to these parks. I live in Southern California. Toronto, New Jersey, and North Carolina all are a bit of a haul from LA. But why let that be an excuse? We've driven to Vancouver, Maine, and Orlando on roadtrips before (okay, not all on the same trip), so we're not afraid of putting miles on the car. And with WiFi, or at least a strong cellular data connection, I can work from pretty much anywhere.

So let's plan on doing this. And by "us," I mean you, too! How many great roller coasters that you've been meaning to ride "some day" are still waiting for you? How many could you get to in a reasonable vacation this summer? Two? Five? Ten? More?

If you're going to pull off that summer coaster roadtrip of your dreams, the time to start planning it is now. And the way to start planning it is to think BIG. List all the coasters and parks that you've been wanting to visit at some point, with no thought of how practical it would be for you to get to them next summer. Planning is a process of editing as much as anything else. Start with the big list, then allow the practicalities of travel in your particular circumstances narrow your list to something manageable.

But start with the big list. Even if nothing comes from your effort, you will enjoy the time that you're going to daydream about riding coasters while you draft that big list. Then you can enjoy the time you spend putting this travel puzzle together, trying to envision all the various combinations of visits that would allow you to get to the maximum number of rides and parks in the time you have available next year.

So that you don't skip on the important work of dreaming big, I'm going to ask you to do some homework for me. Post your dream coaster/park vacation line-up here in the comments. Share with the rest of us what you'd love to do on a summer coaster vacation next year. Then read what others are posting, and if you've got any tips or advice (based on your experience) that could help them make that trip happen, share that as well.

It's time to start planning or 2017, theme park fans. So let's plan big.

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Replies (20)

December 2, 2016 at 12:09 AM

We're planning an Orlando vacation this year, and will be trying the refurbished Hulk as part of that. As for other thrill rides, we'll also have a season pass to our local Six Flags park, La Ronde.

December 2, 2016 at 4:51 AM

There's a reason Disney AND Universal do so well - they don't fill the park with roller coasters - cheap attractions.

December 2, 2016 at 9:14 AM

I'm going small this year, Only visiting SFGAm, Santa's Village, and Flying to Mexico and UK.

December 2, 2016 at 10:42 AM

So Robert, when you said "let's do this" I thought you meant it literally. I got a little excited. I thought you were inviting all Theme Park Insiders to coordinate one big group roller coaster travel marathon with you. Now that would be a riot! Hellacious logistics for sure, but fun, nonetheless. I can see it now. One or two hundred of TPI's most dedicated fans and their families converging upon the continent's great iron parks, one after the other. What a summer...

December 2, 2016 at 11:40 AM

That actually crossed my mind. But I'll leave to the community if people want to try to organize that!

December 2, 2016 at 12:40 PM

For some of us, much is dependent upon economics. This is particularly true of those such as myself who are carless. (I can borrow a car to go to a park an hour away but to borrow one for a number of days would be a stretch.) So I basically end up visiting those parks to which the airfares are cheapest provided that there are attractions of particular interest to me. Next season I would really like to visit Waldameer just to experience Ravine Flyer II. Also would like to go to SFMM for all that park has to offer.

Robert, I highly encourage you to ride El Toro just to see what all the fuss is about. Of all the coasters I've ridden it remains my favorite. It was also the favorite of my friend Mike - seen with me in the video on - who tragically died on October 28 at the age of 52.

Oh, and Robert, you've changed my badge from Writer to Insider?

December 2, 2016 at 2:42 PM

I'll refrain from posting my theme park bucket list here as it is about 3 pages long, but I will say that I've already got tentative plans for both 2017 and 2018. For 2017, I'm definitely doing a trip to Florida ( was supposed to happen years ago), and I'm also planning a long weekend Houston/San Antonio trip and maybe one additional weekend trip. For 2018, a deep south trip (Carowinds, Dollywood, SFOG) is currently my priority, as is a return trip to Cedar Point. Of course, 2018 plans still have room to change, but I usually like to think two years out for major trips.

Living in California, it is a bit difficult to do a true roller coaster roadtrip, but I often do a modified roadtrip (fly to a destination and do a roadtrip from there, then fly home at the end). Having visited over 70 parks in the US, I'll also add that any theme park fan should do at least one road trip to parks outside of California and Florida, as some of the country's best parks are not near the big tourist destinations. From parks I've visited, I'd say EVERY theme park fan needs to visit the following non-CaliFlorida parks at least once:

-Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH)
-Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, TN)
-Hersheypark (Hershey, PA)
-Holiday World (Santa Claus, IN)
-Kings Island (Mason, OH)
-Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort (Elysburg, PA)
-Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ)

Additionally, there are numerous other great parks out just have to go and look for them.

December 2, 2016 at 2:45 PM

I won't be doing much traveling in 2017 due to life interrupting (although I am planning a quick trip to Charlotte because I haven't been to Carowinds since Intimidator was still under construction) but I got in an epic post-Labor Day road trip this year. Four new parks, four states & one province, plus the Cape May ferry, one county fair, and Niagara Falls to fill in the weekdays while the parks were closed.

December 2, 2016 at 8:01 PM

Cedar Point should've your first choice!

December 3, 2016 at 10:12 AM

I am an annual pass holder at Carowinds, so I can comment here. Fury is definitely a great coaster, as well as Intimidator. Cedar Fair has been putting money into the park, a nice water park expansion last year (still included in the gate price). Another park expansion this coming year. Yes, I wish it had more coasters, but I understand the economics of building the big ones; at least I can see the changes every year!

What's missing from the list is Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which remains as one of my favorite parks in the US. They continue investing heavily in new rides there, Tempesto last year and a brand new wooden coaster (InvadR) opening in 2017. Verbolten and Griffon are must rides for any coaster fan, and Loch Ness Monster is still a classic! If you are visiting the east coast it should be on your list.

December 3, 2016 at 7:59 PM

@Bobbie You NOT need a Car to visit Themeparks! Use Rome2Rio - search that on Google - You do long Distances mostly by Bus or Train - the mentioned Page is guiding you! Just put in the Name of the Parks you like to Visit - the Rest is done automatically! It shows you SEVERAL Options and how much it will be around. It also shows you where to get the actual Timetable and where to book Tickets. Usealy you pay LESS as rome2rio tells you. Use Train and Bus mostly - not Flights - in 10 of 11 Cases Flights cost you more - sometimes 9 times more! For shorter Distances where maybe no Bus is going you use Uber what is much cheaper as Taxi - rome2rio shows you also that Alternative if you scroll all the way down at a Page that looks like Taxi is the only Option! If you not see Uber use the App from Uber and put in the Town the last Bus is going too. The App tells you then how fare the next Uber is in minutes! You can just calculate the Price without Ordering. When actually Traveling you use the App to order. You not need Cash as it is automatically charged to your Credit Card.

This are the only 2 things rome2rio is not always working:

It not always shows the Uber Option and ocessionly it say's you need Taxi or Uber but their IS a City Bus.

Example: Detroit to Adventureland - rome2rio says Taxi/Uber from Des Moines but if you put in as a Stop before Adventureland the Cross Roads of the Megabus Arriving Point in Des Moines rome2rio is Displaying the Timetable of City Bus 17....

Helpful Pages are the Websites from Megabus Greyhound and Amtrak

Give rome2rio a try - you will be surpriced!

December 4, 2016 at 2:54 AM

Actually what 74.202 .... TALKED about is existing already in Parts inside of that Thread if you READ all....:

Their will be an PreTour to that including all Cedar Fair and 6Flags Parks in CA (plus Fiesta Texas and Lagoon) instead of the first planed Tour.

If anyone is Interested send me PM on Facebook Holger Halfmann !

It would save YOU and ME costs for Hotel and Taxi/Uber as those are always paid for 2 or more and GROUPING TOGETHER cuts those Cost half! Aditional Grouping together would solve my Luggage Problem at Parks if you have a Car and we could leave it in the Trunk during inside the Park(s)...

December 4, 2016 at 6:03 AM

Holger - slightly off-topic, but your earlier "2017 Trip" thread is closed. Regarding using a Cedar Fair (CF) Platinum Pass purchased at another CF Park before you visit the Park where the purchase was made, I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. Platinum Pass for the following year was purchased on-line at CF "Park A". We then planned a trip to include CF "Park B", with dates prior to "Park A" opening for season. Phoned "Park B" Guest Relations and described the situation, and they had a ready solution. A special notation was made in a log at "Park B" that I was visiting between the dates of X and Y and that I would have to present my receipt (voucher, confirming e-mail) from "Park A". When I checked in at Guest Relations with my documentation, they checked their log, saw the notes that were entered by my original phone contact (he was not working on my visit day), and issued me a length-of-stay ticket valid for "Park B" ONLY. When I returned home and "Park A" opened for the season, I took my original confirmation paperwork there and processed my Season Pass there.

This appears to mirror your circumstances and may work for you. I'll add that I had a very enthusiastic Guest Relations person on my phone call. While I don't think my experience is unique, the policy and procedure may vary from Park to Park within the CF chain.

Good luck to you. Hope you have a great experience on your trip.

December 4, 2016 at 6:49 PM

Sure all Threads get closed after 2 weeks or so but you still can read. And thats why I provide my Facebook Name Holger Halfmann to contact me Peter!

Exactly the same what you have disccribed I made too (emailing instead of intern. Call) and after Plans had changed again I may need to change that one time more.. Actually in my Case it was a little Different as I had Issues to PAY MY SEASON PASS at Canada Wonderland Webpage. I contacted Guest Relations and after long Conservations she finally got in touch with the Similar Manager at Carowinds and they have a Note in their System now that I can pay 225 (around) USD at Guest Relations for my Platinum SP INCLUDING All Season All Parks Dining - a much better Value as if you buy at the Gate in US as my Price is FIXED on the lowest avaliable CANADIAN Rate at the BEST Conversation Rate between € and CAD paid in USD - Quit Complicated but BEST DEAL Possible!

Aditional I could set up, that the Pass is processed at Guest Relations what speeds up the Process. That was important as first it was planed to travel with a Group that may have ERT, so that first going to Season Pass Center was not sooo practical....

I MAYBE TRY to change Redemption Park also with Six Flags (if at Detail Calculations it is turning out that the Tour counterclockwise is cheaper or involve less Delays or give me longer time in Parks as Planed Clockwise) and offer them to get the Pass with Dining Pass (both already Purchased) at an other Park that I will Name (Disccovery Kingdom instead of Fiesta Texas for Example) and ACEPT that the Coupons loaded to it are not valid for the Park I get my Physical Season Pass. They will be valid only for Fiesta Texas where the Purchases been made. I guess the Reason why 6F is less flexible as CF is that most people, if they like to change the Park they first Visit, want to have that Park also as Homepark and that gives them Problems in Acounting as the Money got to a different Park that chargs different Prices because of different Discounts. With my above Offer that hassle is eliminated - what you think about? Any Experances regarding that at 6F?

December 5, 2016 at 2:29 PM

Rob this is what I did one year and it's totally possible with proper planning and timing.

I believe we hit 5 theme parks in 8 days. We went in late May Early June where the parks were not crowed and we were able to hit all the coasters and jump into our car to drive to our next stop.

Did an over night into Pittsburg airport, rented a car and that morning drove to New Jersey for a next day visit to Six Flags Great Adventure. Left about 6 pm and drove to Harrisburg for Hershey Park the next day. Rested up and madethe long 10 hour drive to Mason Ohio and the next day go to Kings Island. Left about 7 pm and drove to Santa Clause Indiana. Next day we hit up Holiday world. Left that park about 7 pm and headed out to Cedar Point. The next day we hit Cedar Point for the entire day and then manage to sneak in a quick two hour visit to the NFL hall of fame before flying out of Pittsburg.

December 5, 2016 at 2:44 PM

It's as though fate has brought this post and my plans together. My best friend and I take an annual coaster trip we lovingly call "Coaster Thingy."

The 2014 inaugural trip took us on a road trip from Minneapolis, MN to Cedar Point. The 2015 trip took us on another road trip from Minneapolis to Kings Island. This year, after Jack moved to Las Vegas, we road tripped from Vegas to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm.

2017 will be one for the record books as we hop a plane bound for New England to visit Hersheypark and Six Flags Great Adventure!

December 5, 2016 at 10:16 PM

Here is how fare I'm with my planing of the PRE Tour to my 2017 Most of NE Parks Tour

You will see 2 possibilitys - first is planned - beside of Sleeping - until San Antonio clockwise - Option 2 counterclockwise until San Antonio again - Rest of both possibilities still need to be finalized...

At Option 2 I included all Intercity Greyhound Connections until San Antonio but local Buses are stll missing beside of the first day and local Bus from Greyhound San Antonio to Seaworld (new Coaster next Year!)

Note: It is a mix of German and English - Sorry - but you get an Idea... (like to join? PM on Facebook!)

3 Detroit – IOWA - Nevada – CA – Texas – Kansas

MI 31.05.

8:00 Megabus ab Detroit Rosa Parks Transit C. (360 Michigan Ave Taxi Stand)
(Oder 8:15 ab W Forest Ave zw Cass Ave/Woodward Ave Parking 8) 1$ buchen Ende April
12:45 an Chicago
14:00 Megabus ab Chicago W Polk St zw. S Clinton Str. und S Canal Str. 20$
21:00 an Des Moines Center Str. P&R / 7th Str 1 Block Zur 6th Ave / Bankers Trust laufen
21:49 Bus 17 nach Altona Walmart an 22:20 4$

Do 1.6. Adventureland 10-18 SA NA JA
(3 h mehr möglich durch 23:20 Zug 353 Wolverine + Morgen Bus ab Chicago - + 36$)
(das wäre 8:00 ab Chicago Des Moines 14:25 weiter Bus 17 14:18 an 14:46)

Fr 2.6. Reisetag

Flug 199

05:45 Greyhound ab Des Moines 1501 2nd Ave N 89$

Sa 3.6.

11:05 an SLC 300 S 600 W

Sa 3.6. 10-23 Lagoon 2,5 days (weekend 3,5 days) Su 4.6. 11-22 (Fr 2.6. 11-23)

Mo 5.6. Reisetag

11:15 Greyhound ab SLC 300 S 600 W 77$ (Aufenthaltszeit 3h40 3h40
16:30 an Vallejo CA Valero Gas Station 1610 Fairgrounds Dr.

Di 6.6. / Mi 7.6. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 1,5-2 days 10:30-18

20:35 ab Vallejo CA Valero Gas Station 1610 Fairgrounds Dr. 15$
22:35 an San Jose 65 Cahill Str

Do 8.6. California's Great America weekday 0,5-1 day

Fr 9.6.

9:05 Greyhound ab San Jose 65 Cahill Str 7$
9:50 Gilroy 7250 Monterey St

Gilroy Gardens 0,5 day SA OK

19:35 Gilroy 7250 Monterey St 40$

Sa 10.6.

01:30 LA 1716 E 7th str.

Six Flags Magic Mountain „3,5-4 days“ 2 Tage

1. DAY June 11 SA 10-21 FLASH PASS 110$ ab 18:00 DANCE PARTY!!!!!!

Rides mit 1 h WZ : Full Throttle vorn/Goliath 6-8x/Riddler's Revenge 6-8x
Scream! 6-8x/ Tatsu 6-8x/ Twisted Colossus vorn/Lex Luthur 2-Sided Drop Tower

Must do Coasters with 25 min wait:
Apocalypse / Canyon Blaster / Superman 1 x weil Cars nun andersrum!

Interesant aber schon gefahrene Coaster mit Zügen: Viper

2. DAY Day Su June 12: 10:30-21 NO FP - if wait is under 50 min: Full Throttle Coaster and Twisted Colossus Coaster (each only Middle and Back) - X2 all 4 Rides - 1 Ride on Gold Rusher
if WT is over 25 min– Full Throttle Coaster and Twisted Colossus Coaster (each only Back) - X2 1 x vorn - 1 Ride on Gold Rusher
14:30 Live Music at Carousel Bandstand 15:30 Blue Grass Band at Katy's Kettle 16:00 Looney Tunes Kids Club in the Carrot Club Theatre
17:30 Circus Show Kwerk im Gearworks Theater danach DANCE PARTY

Mo 13.6.

Knott's Berry Farm 1-1,5 days if outside Saturday FLASHPASS zu 60$ kaufen, wenn WZ über 10 min!

22:05 ab Anaheim 2626 E Katella Ave 99$ Aufenthaltszeit ab 31 Min = 4h30

Mi 15.:06. 6:05 an San Antonio 500 N St Mary’s str.

6:37/6:57/8:07/13:07 8 Min zu Fuß N St Mary’s Str. Ri. Travis Str. Bis W. Market Str.
6:45/7:05/8:15 Bus 64 US90 Express
[Der RiverWalk ist ein paar m weiter St Mary’s Str. Runter von der Busabfahrtsstelle! Folgt man ihm nach Rechts kommt bald ein Zweigfluß, nach Links folgt er der Busroute bis zum Conventioncenter (zus. + 15 Min)]
7:34*/8:06/9:16 an Sea World *14 min außen rum laufen

Seaworld First the new Ride, then Rio Loco, then The Great White, Steel Eel (each 1 h 6 Rides?) SEA LION SHOW (50 min with Pre-Show, Acess) AND OUT to 6 Flags!

(Aqatica: 1,5 h)

14:27-20:26/22:26 stündlich Bus 64 „US90 Express“ ab Eingang 2$
15:15-21:15/23:16 an Market/S. St. Mary’s – 1 Block nach Links auf rechter Seite
15:46-21:41/5:42 stündlich Bus 94 ab Commerce/Mary’s an Six Flags 16:28 – 22:15/6:18

Six Flags San Antonio 1,5-2 days

Do/FR 16./17.06.10:30 – 18 / SA 10:30-22 (Wasser 12-19) / SO-Fr 10:30-21 (Wasser 12-19)
12-15 3h Wasserpark, 8 h 10

Schlafen: auf Johnny Rockets blickend Links auf der oberen Steinbruchebene

SA 18.06.

ZDT’S 11-21 Hummel 2h I 3h 21,84$ Last 3 h 14,99$ online Prices!
Fried Oreos 5$ Ice Cream Cup 1,49$ Grilled Cheese w Bacon 3,98 Foot long Corndog 3,9
Uber bis FM 1516/Upper Seguin Rd (dort Little Caesars!) weiter mit Bus 21 (stündlich 44 min 1$ bis Commerce/Navarro) – in Fahrtri. Weiter, rechte Seite Bus 94 (stündlich 38 min 1$)

Su 19.06.
Schlitterbahn 1d

20.06. Travel to
Galveston Pleasure Pier Media Contact sheck 3-4 h SA OK

December 5, 2016 at 10:21 PM

Here the other Direction until MM:

31.05. 149,40 ab Detroit 6:28 mit 351 Wolverine 10:46/13:45 Chicago mit 21 Texas Eagle 8:28/8:40 mit Amtrak Bus an 14:45

Do 1.6. Galveston Pleasure Pier Media Contact sheck

Fr 2.6. 7:30/9:30 Galveston Limo Pick Up at Pier an Hobby Airport 9/11 20$ zus. 87,55-96,55
11:05 Bus 50 Ri. Eastwood 11:45 an Eastwood
11:49 Bus 249 Ri. Downtown 11:59 an St Joseph Pkwy/Travis (Travis n. LINKS 4$
12:20 Megabus ab Pierce Str/Travis nach Austin an 15:35 20$
17:25 Bus 3 Ri. BURNET an Guadalupe/W 21 str bis Reynolds Dr /Lamar 17:40 1$
In Fahrtri. WEITER, Links
18:30 Zug 21 Texas Eagle ab Austin 19:12 an San Marcos 8:55 $
Weiter mit Uber nach ZDT’s 24-33$
falls nicht auf bis 21 weiter mit Uber n. Schlitterbahn 21 Min 30,4 km 20-27 $
(Taxi sonst: 830 743 0285 / 830 358 0850)

Schnellere Alternative:

Fr 2.6. 6:00 Galveston Limo Pick Up at Pier
an Hobby Airport can 7:30 20$ zus. 59-64$
Uber 17 min 15,6 km nach Forest Hill Blvd/Harrisburg Blvd 26-32$
GREYHOUND 2:55/9:10 an San Antonio 6:10/12:35 11$
6:37/6:57/8:07/13:07 8 Min zu Fuß N St Mary’s Str. Ri. Travis Str. Bis W. Market Str.
6:45/7:05/8:15/13:15 Bus 64 US90 Express
[Der RiverWalk ist ein paar m weiter St Mary’s Str. Runter von der Busabfahrtsstelle! Folgt man ihm nach Rechts kommt bald ein Zweigfluß, nach Links folgt er der Busroute bis zum Conventioncenter (zus. + 15 Min)]
7:34*/8:06/9:16/14:25 an Sea World *14 min außen rum laufen

Seaworld Friday June 2 – First the new Ride, then Rio Loco, then The Great White, Steel Eel (each 1 h 6 Rides?) SEA LION SHOW (50 min with Pre-Show, Acess) AND OUT to 6 Flags!

(Aqatica: 1,5 h)

14:27-20:26/22:26 stündlich Bus 64 „US90 Express“ ab Eingang 2$
15:15-21:15/23:16 an Market/S. St. Mary’s – 1 Block nach Links auf rechter Seite
15:46-21:41/5:42 stündlich Bus 94 ab Commerce/Mary’s an Six Flags 16:28 – 22:15/6:18

Schlafen: auf Johnny Rockets blickend ist Links auf der oberen Steinbruchebene ein Grünes Gebiet

PS Time is RUNNING: Greyhound Price for Houston-San Antonio for Christmas 2017 is 11 for first 3 or 4 Journeys a day BUT for June 2 already only the 2 first Journeys are still 11 - Rest 15, 18 .... Clock is Ticking...

Sa 3.6.

7:14 Bus 94 ab Main Entrance Fiesta Texas bis Randoph P&R 8:19 an 2$
Uber 24 min 33,3 km 22-35$

9:00 – 16:50/20:00 Schlitterbahn Ab 15:00 günstiger am Gate (Group 32,99$) / Ganztagsdiscount online, Kroger, HEB, Valero (near Gift Cards) Group Rate 40,99$ (2nd day 27$)
Blast Pass 40-70 $
Blast Pass Attractions:
Congo River Expedition Hillside Tube Chute Black Knight
White Water Tube Chute Dragon's Revenge Wolf Pack Raft Slide
Raging River Tube Chute Boogie Bahn Surf Ride Master Blaster Uphill Water Coaster
Sowie: Master Blaster, Wolfpack, Black Knight

19:50/20:50 Uber 24 min 33,3 km 22-35$ nach Randoph P&R

20:25/21:25 Bus 17 an 21:18/22:18 Main Entrance Fiesta Texas 2$

SU 4.6. Six Flags San Antonio
Fr 2.6. 10:30 – 18 / SA 10:30-22 (Wasser 12-19) / SO-Fr 10:30-21 (Wasser 12-19)
12-15 3h Wasserpark, 8 h 10

MO 5.6.

ZDT’S 11-21 Hummel 2h I 3h 21,84$ Last 3 h 14,99$ online Prices!
Fried Oreos 5$ Ice Cream Cup 1,49$ Grilled Cheese w Bacon 3,98 Foot long Corndog 3,9
Uber bis FM 1516/Upper Seguin Rd (dort Little Caesars!) weiter mit Bus 21 (stündlich 44 min 1$ bis Commerce/Navarro) – in Fahrtri. Weiter, rechte Seite Bus 94 (stündlich 38 min 1$)


Flug 14:43/20:28 ab Austin an LAX 15:52/21:39 163$
Greyhound 99$ 20:45 ab San Antonio an LA Di 6.6. 22:20

Mi 7.6.

Knott's Berry Farm 1-1,5 days if outside Saturday 10-17:30 7h40
Largest Johny Rockets – some Food is priced regulary
49-69 cent cookies at the Bakery

Montezoomas revenge only Front Back \ Boomerrang SKIP \ Coast Rider only Front

20 min Wait:
-Calico Mine Ride dark ride RENOVATED
GhostRider / Sierra Sidewinder / Silver Bullet / Xcelerator (coasters, each with a train of cars)
-Supreme Scream 4 sided drop tower
-Timber Mountain Log Ride RENOVATED
-Voyage to the Iron Reef dark ride

Do 8.6.

Do/Fr 8.6./9.6. Six Flags Magic Mountain 10:30-20

December 6, 2016 at 2:27 PM

i live in orlando and in june 2014 did 6 parks in 8 days. flew into harrisburg rented a car and did knoebels and hershey, drove to pittsburgh for kennywood, then on to cedar point (the only park i'd been to before), on to kings island and ended in holiday world. drove to lexington, ky and flew home from there. great trip...added nearly 50 new coasters to my list. highly recommend it as well as daily allowance of aleve to deal with the pain ;)

December 7, 2016 at 11:54 AM


Wow I'm so glad you mention this because this is exactly what I had in mind the next time I flew out PA because I missed Knowebels, and Kennywood.

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