Here's how to get a high score on Universal Orlando's Men in Black ride

January 24, 2017, 10:46 AM · Universal Orlando this morning dropped a short video with some tips for bagging a high score on Men in Black Alien Attack.

Men in Black long has been one of our favorite interactive rides, for its well-decorated practical sets and engaging gameplay. We talked with the ride's creative director, TPI member Dave Cobb, several years ago, and we've shared our own tips for high scores on Men in Black before. But here's the official word, from Universal:

Remember, on Men in Black Alien Attack, you're not just scoring as individuals. Your car is competing with its counterpart on the track, too. With its 3x3 configuration on its six-seat cars, Men in Black Alien Attack also offers a single rider option that makes it easy for individuals to rack up a lot of rides — and a lot of practice — in pursuit of a maximum score.

What's been your high score on Men in Black Alien Attack? Have you earned "the suit?"

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January 24, 2017 at 10:55 AM · Highest legit score was 632,000(Don't remember the last three numbers).

My highest while the ride was stopped during the exhaust port section, around 850,000. Would of had more, but I did poorly in the first half of the ride lol.

I also have hit Frank the Pug before, it does work, but it doesn't seem like it works all of the time. Might just depend on what gun you have for the current ride.

Biggest advantage you can give yourself is to just keep holding the trigger. You are gonna get a ton more shots off and not wear your finger out.

January 24, 2017 at 11:17 AM · I have maxed out (999,999) on both sides multiple times.

I've heard of some people maxing out on two guns. They go in singles and make sure that the seat next to them is empty, max out one gun and move to the next.

Some of my tips:
1) Shoot further away from you, as your laser cones out and actually increases your accuracy. Crazy, I know.

2) With #1 in mind, shoot at the second floor window targets. Some of them are actually targets on the window sills. Stay on one until you can no longer aim at it, and then pick another one and stay on it until you can't anymore.

3) Sit in the back. You're higher up and have a better advantage at the targets. If I'm in the front row, I sometimes sweeten the deal with back row people if they'd like a better "front row" seat, and they'll usually switch.

4) In the "training" scene, there's one pop up alien in the diagonal second floor window in the very beginning off to the left. He's worth the most points, so I've been told. After you can no longer reach him, then pick a target furthest away from you and stay on it until "training" is over to rack up points about 100K at this point.

5) At the "shoot the other's exhaust port" scene, there are drop down aliens just above your heads with targets on the ledge. Shoot them FIRST before they shoot you. If you don't, they WILL shoot you and you will lose precious time racking up points in this scene. After you get the drop down aliens, then go for the other team's exhaust port.

*** Please do NOT be that guy that shoots your own exhaust port. Yes I know it's easier to reach, however that limits EVERYONE's chance at getting more points, including yours. ***

Final Big Bug
Option 1: Pick a target on the bug and stay on it until it's time to push the red button. If done correctly, you can earn more than 100K points promised from the red button, but you won't be able to get the red button points.

Option 2: Push and hold down the red button BEFORE being asked to. When you do, your gun will be disabled so you can't shoot at the big bug. However, you are guaranteed 100K points. Actually, if everyone in their car presses and holds the button down BEFORE will get the points. After Zed says press the red button, then only the first one gets the points. If you all press the button BEFORE, then you all tie for first and get an easy 100K

January 24, 2017 at 3:08 PM · There is a giant identical holding a "gun" hanging out a second floor window that moves up and down slowly. Shooting a small sensor just above the barrel of the "gun" is big points. He is after the crashed ship and before the photo op where the aliens says "Six against one?".

Its not the easiest point to hit and its moving which is why it's big points. This is a key target to getting multiple guns at 999,999 one at a time.

January 25, 2017 at 8:23 AM · I regularly score 999,999, but never found the appeal of attempting with multiple guns. What's great is that even if you do get so good at the game, there are many ways to make it more interesting/challenging. After maxing out a few times, I'll challenge myself by deliberately seating myself in the middle of the row, making it more difficult to shoot targets behind you. I'll also challenge myself by attempting to max out without shooting the known high-value targets (difficult, because you get into a rhythm/habit that's hard to break once those competitive juices start flowing). It's also more challenging if you're going through the ride with multiple expert players that deactivate high value targets, and are really good at hitting the exhaust port, causing your vehicle to spin.

In the end, the tips provided in the video and above are all great for those wanting to achieve the max score. However, the most helpful tip is that the game, just like any other, requires practice. The single rider line (and child swap short cut) is your friend!! Men in Black continues to be a highlight of our trips to Orlando, and our upcoming trip in October will be the first time our son (just about to cross the 48" threshold) will get a chance to ride. It's just a shame that our runs through the single rider line will be limited with an extra player that requires supervision on the ride, and a major reason we're considering an on-site hotel to get the Express access. My wife and I were talking about it, and realized that we had not been through the actual queue (and pre-show video) in over 8 years!!

January 26, 2017 at 5:13 AM · I've actually never done the preshow and queue, just express and singles. Last time I rode in 2015 I got 200,000 however after getting 836,000 on Buzz and almost maxing out the Reese's Cup Challange at Hersheypark plus the addition of a Justice League to my home and most frequently visited park Six Flags Great Adventure I'm sure I'll have tons of practice for my next MIB ride.

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