It's Horror Nights, and Universal is making Waffles

September 12, 2018, 12:44 PM · Universal Studios is going all-in with Stranger Things for its Halloween Horror Nights this year. And with a certain brand of frozen waffles playing such prominent role in the show's first season, you probably could have guessed that Universal would find a way to include some of those waffles in its special Halloween Horror Nights food and beverage menu.

Well, if you did, you were right. Universal Orlando today unveiled five different waffle snacks, plus a waffle-themed drink, in advance of Friday's opening of Halloween Horror Nights. Those aren't the only Stranger Things-inspired items, either, as a Christmas Lights cupcake and a tray of 11 mini-donuts also join the line-up. (Eleven, get it?)

Christmas Lights cupcakes

The waffle selections include a two-waffle Strawberry "Shortcake" stack, a two-waffle Bananas Foster, a three-waffle Extravaganza filled with layers of whipped cream, chocolate, peanut butter morsels and jelly beans; fudge-dipped waffles on a stick, and a waffle sundae. You can find the first three at the San Francisco Bakery, the waffles on a stick at Benny's Burgers in New York, and the sundae at Louie's Gelato Window.

Waffle Extravaganza

Update: At Universal Studios Hollywood, this concoction will be known as Eleven’s Waffle Extravaganza. Also at USH, the park will be serving an "Upside Down Burger," with spicy queso and Flamin' Hot Cheetos, served on an upside-down potato roll with lettuce, tomatoes and a side of Tater Tots.

Upside Down Burger

USH also will have Demogorgon's Totcho, Benny's Burgers, and Benny's Chicken & Waffle Sandwich (though that's with grilled chicken, not fried - I am guessing as not to infringe on Cletus' turf?). For more sweets, there's an Eggo Doughnut, too. (Curiously, USH is using the Eggo brand name in its press material, while UOR is not.)

Eggo doughnut

Back in Orlando, the specialty drink is Syrup & Waffles, topped with waffle bits. This is a non-alcohol drink and will be on sale at the Gramercy Popcorn stand in New York, as well as near the park entrance.

Syrup & Waffles

The new booze this year includes three pre-mixed drinks: Totally L.I.T. (Long Island Iced Tea), Wicked Rad Punch with Blueberry vodka, raspberry vodka, triple sec, lemonade and grenadine; and Gnarly Twist, a combo of the other two. Beer and wine also will the available at the drink tents, but only Chez Alcatraz and Finnegan’s will be serving mixed drinks.

Halloween Horror Nights kicks off Friday and runs select nights through November 3.

Replies (6)

September 12, 2018 at 1:46 PM

Somewhere in the park, I imagine Donkey and Eleven, pigging out and bonding.

September 12, 2018 at 2:38 PM

Doesn’t Universal Orlando already feature frozen Eggos? That’s what Cletus’ Chicken Shack tasted like to me.

September 12, 2018 at 2:43 PM

Shhh...! I don't think a certain frozen waffle company ponied up with the sponsorship money to be called by name. (LOL)

That said, yeah. Probably making these with the same waffle supply.

September 12, 2018 at 4:32 PM

Updated with the Universal Studios Hollywood offerings.

September 13, 2018 at 6:39 AM

I think Halloween is coming and it is great for it

September 14, 2018 at 7:23 PM

Orlando certainly is selling blue Eggo classic T's as brought back by Stranger Things in their HHN Tribute store. But Universal Orlando certainly does make a pretty good waffle themselves, so not paying extra for "name" sake might just make sense to make a few more pennies off the top.

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