Six Flags parks get on the World Series hype train

October 22, 2018, 5:12 PM · The Los Angeles Dodgers are playing the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball's World Series this year, which provides another opportunity for two theme parks to get on board the hype train with a bet.

This time, it's Six Flags Magic Mountain wagering a temporary name change for The New Revolution against Six Flags New England offering the same for Thunderbolt. Props to Six Flags Magic Mountain's PR team for its press release, which noted the name change from Thunderbolt to Dodgers Thunderbolt will happen "when the Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Series title," and not "if."

Should the Red Sox do what Vegas and bettors across the country expect and beat LA, New Revolution becomes Red Sox Revolution for the opening weekend of Holiday in the Park. Magic Mountain also would fly a Red Sox flag in its entry plaza. If the Dodgers win, its flag flies from atop SFNE's Scream tower. The president of the losing community's park also will wear the winning team's jersey on opening night of their holiday event.

Theme parks pull these stunts pretty much anytime the championship in one of America's Big Four sports leagues comes down to teams representing two cities with parks in the same chain. The ultimate example of that is when the Orlando Magic play the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, which allows the bigger Disney and Universal theme parks to get in the game. But that's the only combination in which that can happen, since Orlando doesn't have teams in the NFL, NHL, or Major League Baseball.

Clippers fans, I hear you, but you can shut up now. Get to the conference finals before you start talking smack about championship runs, okay?

As for the Dodgers and Red Sox — and for Magic Mountain and Six Flags New England — who ya got in this one?

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October 23, 2018 at 1:21 AM

Does not even have to be the same chain. Six Flags Great America wagered with Cedar Point a few years ago when the Cubs and the Indians played in the 2016 World Series. These friendly bets are indeed fun and it is entertaining to see a major ride with a temporary name change. The best one was The Texas Giant being renamed the San Francisco Giant...

October 23, 2018 at 7:54 PM

Go Red Sox!

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