Disneyland adds top nighttime shows to its Maxpass add-on

April 9, 2019, 1:09 PM · We are big fans of Disneyland's Maxpass — the $15 a day (or $100 a year) add-on to Disneyland tickets and annual passes that allows you to book Fastpasses via the Disneyland app. Maxpass also includes unlimited Disney Photopass downloads, which might be worth the cost by itself, but not having to walk around the park to collect Fastpasses allows you to visit many more attractions in one day than you could without the feature.

But there were a couple of popular Disneyland Resort attractions still required you to collect Fastpasses the old-fashioned way — the nighttime shows Fantasmic! and World of Color. These Fastpasses were "off the grid," meaning that you could hold a Fastpass for them while also collecting a Fastpass for another attraction, but you still had to go to a distribution machine to pick them up.

(Unlike at Walt Disney World, where you can make up to three Fastpass+ reservations at a time, at Disneyland you cannot get a second Fastpass until either your first expires or two hours have passes since you obtained it. But a Fastpass for an off-the-grid attraction won't count against that limit.)

Power users typically made their first Maxpass reservation while walking to pick up their World of Color or Fantasmic! Fastpass. But starting today, they don't need to make that extra trip. You now can book Fantasmic! and World of Color Fastpasses via Maxpass.

For Maxpass users, that means you can now grab you spot for these shows as soon as you enter the park and Maxpass activates, allowing you to go ahead with your plan to book another attraction Fastpass while heading directly to your first standby queue of the day. The flip side is that the change means that "regular" Fastpasses for these shows are going to get snapped up even earlier in the day, as Maxpass users grab them without having to walk to their distribution points.

Another alternative to standby viewing for these shows is to book one of the dining packages that include show Fastpasses, including those at Carthay Circle and Wine Country Trattoria for World of Color and Blue Bayou and River Belle for Fantasmic! World of Color also offers a dessert party with reserved viewing and Fantasmic! offers a grab-and-go dining package from Hungry Bear.

For tickets and vacation packages to the Disneyland Resort, please visit our Disneyland tickets page.

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