Walt Disney World opens new full-service Japanese restaurant

July 5, 2019, 4:44 PM · Walt Disney World visitors have a new option for full-service dining in Epcot. Takumi-Tei is now open for dinners in World Showcase's Japan pavilion.

Takumi-Tei's five dining rooms reflect the natural "elements" of water, wood, earth, stone, or washi paper. A Chef's Table experience will be available in the water room, and other diners can select a multi-course prix fixe tasting menu.

Entrées include exquisite dishes like Kamo Rosu and Takumi Gyuniku. The Kamo Rosu features roasted marinated duck with kabocha squash, edamame beans, Japanese mizuna, cured duck egg yolk, and a grape reduction. The Takumi Gyuniku, or artisan beef, shines the spotlight on a Japanese A-5 wagyu beef tenderloin with leek sauce, warishita, short rib gyoza, roast cippolini onion, curried potato, and seasonal mushroom.

Takumi Gyuniku

Sushi and sashimi menus also will be available, as well as Japanese desserts and drinks.

As a Signature restaurant, Takumi-Tei will enforce a dress code that bars T-shirts, casual shorts and cut-offs, tank tops, flip-flops, swimsuits and cover-ups. Takumi-Tei opens for dinner at 4pm daily. Though the restaurant is now open, it will not begin accepting reservations for general seating until July 16, via Disney's website. Reservations for the Chef's Table are available by calling the restaurant directly at +1-407-827-8504.

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Replies (2)

July 5, 2019 at 5:03 PM

Those prices though.
You could buy a Two-Day passport to Tokyo Disneyland for less than the Tasting Menu. A TDL 2-Day Passport at today's exchange rate is $121.70. The Tasting Menu is $130. You could then have the Soarin: Fantastic Flight tasting menu at Magellans for $82. while the Wine and Sake courses at the new Epcot restaurant is $75.
OK, Ok, you still have to pay to fly to Tokyo and get a hotel room and so forth and so on...

July 8, 2019 at 1:32 PM

I don't know Rob, those prices seem pretty much in line with other WDW Signature Dining Experiences. I do think the overall cost for unique dining experiences has gotten out of control, but it's really a matter of supply and demand. People keep paying these outrageous prices for experiences like this, so your choice is to either go along and pay for it too, or finding somewhere else to eat. These unique experiences are also as much about the exclusivity as they are about the food, so you have to figure that into the calculation when determining a meal's true value. I probably wouldn't shell out that kind of money for a meal at a brand new restaurant, but if it receives good reviews and is able to maintain it quality, I'd certainly give it a try the next time we're in WDW.

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