Here’s what is coming to Cedar Point for its 150th anniversary

December 11, 2019, 11:05 AM · Cedar Point this morning hosted a webcast in which park managers revealed new offerings for the park’s 150th year of operation.

The park previously had confirmed that the line-up would not include a new roller coaster. But one Cedar Point associate held up an eyebrow-raising “500ft in 2021?” sign throughout the presentation.

Even though there’s no new coaster for 2020, Cedar Point is getting a new ride - Snake River Expedition, a new boat ride.

Snake River Expedition
All concept art courtesy Cedar Point

Here’s the park’s description:

Trapper Dan needs your help! Embark on one of his riverboats and be a part of the adventure. Help the crew complete a secret mission, smuggling valuable bounty to safer waters. What is it? We don’t know – and it’s best you don’t ask! Beware of a few surprises, twists and turns around every bend – it’s not always smooth sailing.

The other new attraction for 2020 at the Ohio park will be the Celebrate 150 Spectacular nighttime parade, which will start June 12. The parks calls it a “multi-sensory nighttime parade with over 100 performers and illuminated floats moving to an original score along the Main Midway each night.”

Celebrate 150 Spectacular

Cedar Point also will reimagine Town Hall with fresh interactive exhibits honoring the park’s past... and future, as they teased in the video. New food and beverage options in 2020 will include French Quarter Confections, featuring elephant ears and funnel cakes, Mac Shack with a macaroni and cheese bar, an all-new Corral and The C.P. Juice Co., featuring the return of fruit-shaped juice bottles: orange, grape, lemon and apple.

The park also will be introducing a couple of merchandise initiatives familiar to visitors from a certain other theme park chain. Cedar Point’s new Legacy Walk will sell personalized bricks that will be installed on the park’s Main Midway. And Cedar Point will introduce pin, er - I mean, button trading in 2020, with button sold for $1.50 each or $5 for five. On “Trading Tuesdays,” Cedar Point associates will have new, limited-edition, custom buttons available for trading with guests.

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December 13, 2019 at 6:40 AM

Nothing they announced is totally unexpected, Cedar Point has been pushing to improve their food options for several years now, and the success of their efforts last year obviously pushed next year's new choices. One surprise was the closing of Pink's Hot Dogs to be replaced with the mac and cheese place. I don't know if it was a CP decision, a Pinks decision or both, but lots of people on social media were surprised and disappointed. Bringing back the paddlewheel excursions, regardless of the name change and the little story line they're adding to it, is a welcome announcement. It was very well loved for decades, and is a needed family attraction that everyone of all ages and physical restrictions can enjoy. The button trading and memorial brick thing, while obviously stolen from the Black Rat, will probably (possibly) become popular. I wonder how many Disney pins will appear on Cedar Point lanyards.
I'm probably most excited about the new parade. Many wondered why they never brought Grande Carnivale to their flagship park, and now we know why. If the floats look like the drawings, it could be really impressive, especially at night.
Nothing big for 2020, but everyone expects 2021 to be the year for something over-the-top. The prominence of a "500ft in 2021" sign at the premier presentation couldn't have been a coincidence. Either it was a rather ham-handed teaser or just a red herring for everyone wanting to see CP break another record. Time will tell.

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