Look Inside Walt Disney Imagineering's Secretive Headquarters

April 21, 2020, 1:35 PM · The past year has seen Walt Disney Imagineering open up to the public like never before. That's giving fans an unprecedented opportunity to discover more about how Disney designs and builds its wildly popular theme parks and attractions.

Disney's theme park design division long has operated under a philosophy articulated by the late Disney Legend and Imagineer Marty Sklar, "there's only one name on that door - and it ain't yours." Disney's desire to make everything "Disney" has meant that its Imagineers long have worked in relative anonymity, designing parks and attractions from inside a nondescript campus in Glendale, California.

Still, this is Theme Park Insider here, so we have brought you plenty of stories about WDI over the years, including an interview with Walt Disney Imagineering President Bob Weis last summer about Imagineering's seven-phase design process and a visit to its "holodeck"-style design room, the DISH.

Disney's biggest look inside its theme park design process came with the debut late last year of the TV show The Imagineering Story on the new Disney+ streaming channel. It's provided a hopeful message as the parks are closed, reminding us that the industry has overcome challenges before and has the tools to do so again.

For aspiring themed entertainment designers, Disney is expanding its outreach with the free Imagineering in a Box online learning program, offered through Khan Academy. And for college students, there's also the Imaginations competition, which is the insider's way to getting a job with WDI.

Want more? Of course you do! You're an insatiable theme park fan, after all. So now Disney is offering you a new weekly video tour of WDI's Glendale headquarters. We've collected the first four episode here for your convenience.

Stay tuned for more from Walt Disney Imagineering.

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