First Look at Motiongate Dubai's Two New Coasters

October 20, 2020, 11:42 AM · We're getting our first look at two new movie-themed roller coaster experiences that will be coming to Motiongate Dubai next year.

"We're starting 2021 with a bang and offering our guests never before experienced attractions," Motiongate Dubai General Manager Denis Pascal said. "We're continually looking at ways to enhance the Motiongate Dubai experience and we cannot wait to break some world records with these two brand new coasters. They will not disappoint even the most daring amongst us."

John Wick
Concept art courtesy Motiongate Dubai

John Wick: Open Contract will be a 4D Free Fly Coaster from S&S. "Inspired by the events of the recent films, after stepping inside The Continental, guests will embark on a journey that simulates the epic action of the John Wick world as the coaster races down a 4D track that provides both forward and backward, freestyle spins," the park said in its press release. The coaster will top out at 120 feet and 38 mph, with a maximum drop of 54 feet and 2.8 Gs of force.

Now You See Me

Now You See Me: High Roller, from Maurer Rides, will be the world's fastest single-car spinning coaster with a top speed over 43 mph, according to the park. The coaster will feature non-inverted loops and Immelmann turns, making riders "feel like they are part of a daring Horsemen escape as they race to expose the antics of a criminal mastermind," according to the park.

Dubai Parks and Resorts had announced this expansion at Motiongate Dubai after canceling its planned Six Flags Dubai project, which cleared the way for these coasters to move over to Motiongate. The rides will be located the park's Lionsgate Zone and will open in "early 2021," the park said.

The additions will bring Motiongate Dubai's coaster count up to seven — the biggest number at any park in the Middle East, breaking the tie with Ferrari World Abu Dhabi's five coasters.

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Replies (1)

October 20, 2020 at 12:53 PM

This planet will now have a John Wick ride?! That is pretty awesome, that film series is one of my favorites. That is one major step forward to getting me closer to the Middle East. The chance to walk through the Continental is awfully enticing. Sea World is opening up soon too, couple it with this park, Ferrari World, and Warner Bros and UAE has a nice little thing going in terms of attracting theme park goers. There's other parks and water parks too in addition to their non-theme park attractions. Sometime this decade...

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