Peppa Pig Theme Park Reveals Opening Date, Ticket Prices

October 12, 2021, 3:34 PM · Florida's new Peppa Pig Theme Park will open next door to Legoland Florida on February 24, 2022.

The Merlin-owned park has updated its FAQ page with that opening date. In addition, the park has revealed that its walk-up one-day ticket prices will be $34.99, with advance-purchase tickets costing $30.99. Peppa Pig Theme Park will feature six rides and several themed play areas on its four-and-half-acre site just outside the gates of Legoland Florida in Winter Haven: Line-Up Revealed for First Peppa Pig Theme Park.

Concept map of Peppa Pig Park Florida
Image courtesy Merlin Entertainments

Guests will be able to buy bundled two-day, two-park tickets to visit both Legoland and Peppa Pig Theme Park during their visit. Those will start at $134.99 when bought in advance, with a walk-up price of $149.99. Peppa Pig Theme Park annual passes also are on sale now for $74.99 plus tax via the park's website.

As a separately-ticketed theme park with such a small footprint, devoted to a single, niche IP, Peppa Pig Theme Park seems to defy much conventional thinking about theme park development. But a small park might be exactly what parents of small children are looking for in a new experience, as we suggested in our earlier post, Can a Peppa Pig Theme Park Actually Work?

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Replies (8)

October 12, 2021 at 4:03 PM

If this park is targeting UK visitors to Orlando then I’ll think it will be a big fail. Paultons Park in the South of England has a Peppa Pig world with more attractions that is much better value as it is not treated as a separate gate.

October 12, 2021 at 4:58 PM

Over $30/person for 6 rides and a few playgrounds?? Even the add-on price to a Legoland ticket isn't that great of a deal, especially since it would negate other deals/sales on the Legoland admission (if you're paying full freight to visit Legoland, you're doing it wrong). I kind of expected the add-on price to be in the $15-20 range and the standard admission ticket in the $25 ballpark. They're also bucking the general trend in Orlando by charging the same admission price for all guests from ages 2+.

Hopefully Merlin has some sales/deals ready to go when nobody is buying tickets for this.

October 12, 2021 at 5:29 PM

Our travel source has Legoland Florida tickets for one day for $85 and two days for $105. That's over $20 off gate on each. I would expect to see similar deals soon after Peppa Pig opens.

October 12, 2021 at 11:20 PM

I am not going to pass any judgement on whether or not this place is going to be successful until its been open a few years (and lets be serious its not like it needs high attendance to make money) I get a kick out of the fact that they sell an annual pass for the same price as an annual pass to Six Flags Great Adventure. SFGAdv has two kids well as 14 coasters and a giant freaking safari.

October 13, 2021 at 12:06 AM

People always talk about Disney being overpriced, but I would argue that the Legoland parks are just as overpriced (if not more so) when comparing cost vs. quality. As enjoyable as they are, they aren't parks that warrant $90 tickets. Given that I guess it shouldn't be surprising that Peppa Pig Park costs just as much as many full size regional parks. The place looks like something that might occupy kids for a couple hours at most, and I expected it would be priced similarly to the SeaLife Aquarium in California ($10 add-on or $25 on its own). It's going to be interesting to see how this place does...perhaps those in the target market will be far more okay with the asking price. If not, I expect admission to drop by at least a third by next summer.

October 13, 2021 at 12:12 AM

When I saw that title, I had to check the date to make sure it isn't April 1...

October 13, 2021 at 8:35 AM

damn, they're charging $85 a day for *legoland* ??? being a parent sounds expensive, folks.

October 13, 2021 at 8:43 AM

@ AJ - No truer words...the Legolands are vastly overpriced when compared to comparable parks. We asked our 6 and 8 year olds if they wanted to go there on our last trip to Orlando, and we got a resounding "NO." Granted, my kids may be different than most, as they rode the Voyage at Holiday World 28 times in the front row with their hands up just two months later.

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