How The Grinch Steals the Show for Universal at Christmas

December 12, 2021, 4:17 PM · Who's the best character to meet in a theme park? For laugh-out-loud entertainment value, I vote for Universal's The Grinch.

Whether you are visiting Universal Orlando or Universal Studios Hollywood, The Grinch knows how to put on a show. Sure, it helps that The Grinch can talk, but Universal's willingness to turn The Grinch loose as an irreverent raconteur sets the stage for the character to deliver memorable personal performances for many park visitors.

I enjoyed the opportunity to interview The Grinch at Universal Studios Hollywood this past week. Watch him talk up his dog as Max as America's next Winter Olympian while also throwing shade on other Universal characters, such as Shrek and Gru. We also get into a discussion about The Grinch's, uh, legal issues and then even talk about The Grinch's beloved onions, too.

The Grinch meets guests daily in Universal Plaza for Grinchmas as Universal Studios Hollywood. For discounted tickets, please visit our authorized partner's Universal Studios Hollywood tickets page. If you are visiting Florida, they have Universal Orlando tickets, too.

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