Here's Another Perspective on Busch Gardens' Pantheon

March 24, 2022, 10:13 PM · Pantheon opens officially to the public Friday morning at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia. Today, the park hosted a media preview day, and our Russell Meyer was there to ride this Intamin multi-launch coaster. Again.

In case you missed it, Russell reviewed the coaster for use earlier this week, based on a Passholder Preview ride last weekend: Busch Gardens Offers a Divine Experience on Pantheon. Today, though, the park was set up to record reverse point of view [RPOV] video of invited media representatives, so Russell took his place in the hot seat for another ride.

With a height requirement of 52 inches, Pantheon is a 3,328-foot Intamin coaster that features four launches, two inversions, a maximum height of 180 feet, a 95-degree drop, and a top speed of 72 mph. For comparison with today's RPOV video, here is the front-row, forward-facing video that Russell recorded earlier. (On a much clearer day, too, it seems!)

Ready to ride? You can get single-day tickets starting at $76 from our travel partner's Busch Gardens Williamsburg tickets page.

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March 25, 2022 at 9:18 AM

FWIW, the weather was really crummy for Thursday's Media Day. My reverse POV run was one of the few cycles where it wasn't actually raining as showers and torrential downpours kept passing through during the entire afternoon.

I'll also add that this coaster isn't very photogenic given its location and sightlines. Even with my SLRs and telephoto lenses I wasn't able to capture images substantially better than what I provided on my initial report from the VIP Passholder/Member Preview Event last weekend with my pocket camera.

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