'Momentous' Lights Up the Skies in Disney's Newest Spectacular

June 19, 2022, 6:13 PM · Disney's newest nighttime spectacular has debuted at Hong Kong Disneyland. "Momentous – The Most Magical Show on Earth" lights up the park's newly expanded Castle of Magical Dreams in a 20-minute production that includes projections, lasers, fountains and fireworks.

It's a six-chapter journey that features about 150 characters from almost 40 Disney and Pixar stories, creating a new, defining end-of-the-day experience for Hong Kong Disneyland, which Disney has been transforming through a multi-year expansion. Take a look at the new shows:

Long-time Theme Park Insider reader and friend Adriel Tjokrosaputro shared his thoughts about Momentous:

"While the fireworks pale in comparison to those of Disney's parks in the U.S., Momentous excels in telling a story that is relatable to the local Hong Kong community, seemingly striking deeply with the message that's sung again and again in the original song "Love the Memory":

Time's always moving we can't slow the hands
Won't last forever, but we won't forget
Time is the treasure we all get to spend
Just live the moment and love the memory

"The true masterpiece of Momentous is the projection, the sharpest, clearest, and most fluid I've ever seen in any Disney Magic Kingdom-style nighttime spectacular. It's literally watching a 4K film projected to a castle without losing any quality.

"With Momentous premiering, Hong Kong Disneyland's hub transformation has finally completed. Once forgotten, I am glad that Hong Kong Disneyland is now a home to a nighttime show that truly lives up to what is supposed to be: a spectacle that the locals can be proud of having."

Thanks to Adriel for his review and video of Momentous! For more information about the park, including links to discounted one-day tickets from US$81.40, please visit our Hong Kong Disneyland page.

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