Universal Files Trademarks for Two New Hotel Names

September 7, 2022, 10:56 AM · Do we now know the names of two new hotels at Universal Orlando's upcoming Epic Universe theme park?

It's no secret that Universal Orlando is planning to expand its hotel inventory when it opens Epic Universe on its new south campus across from the Orange County Convention Center in 2025. Universal officials confirmed that new hotels - along with shops, restaurants and an entertainment center - would be part of the Epic Universe expansion when they announced it back in 2019: Universal announces its next theme park, Epic Universe.

But other than confirming that Super Nintendo World would be part of the new theme park, Universal officials have not gone on the record confirming any other elements of the Epic Universe project.

However, press releases are not the only way that companies go on the record about their future plans. Universal this month has filed trademark applications for what could be the names of two new hotels: Universal's Stella Nova Resort and Universal's Terra Luna Resort.

Each trademark application is for "Hotel catering services; Hotel services; Provision of conference, exhibition and meeting facilities; Resort hotel services; Restaurant services," according to the public record of the filings.

The names fit with the retro-future, Georges Méliès vibe that Universal seems to be going for with Epic Universe. All of Universal Orlando's hotels are run by Loews Hotels, and that relationship is expected to continue with the Epic Universe project.

As always, stay tuned.

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Replies (5)

September 7, 2022 at 11:02 AM

Universal's Stella Nova Resort and Universal's Terra Luna Resort.

Cool names but doesn't roll off the tip of my tongue.

September 8, 2022 at 5:21 PM

Word is these two 9-story “sister” hotels, situated opposite one another at the end of the Kirkman Road expansion, will be coupled together like Universal’s Endless Summer Surfside and Dockside Inns near the main resort area. Most likely they will be designated “prime value” resorts, the same resort class as Universal’s Cabana Bay and Aventura Resorts, though it wouldn’t be surprising if they were bumped up to “preferred” resorts like Loews Sapphire Falls Resort. And (a little secret) the finish on the outside of the two new hotel towers will be reflective metal tiles (painted or finished stainless steel or aluminum). Very cool!
Of note, this is not the name of the premier hotel inside UEU (at the back of the park), that will be named Universal’s Helios Grand Resort.

September 7, 2022 at 12:51 PM

Most people would refer to them as just "Stella Nova" and "Terra Luna". One themed to stars and one to the moon, that would be a neat concept.

September 8, 2022 at 10:11 AM

i really like the moon and the stars concept...getting super excited about epic universe!

September 9, 2022 at 9:17 AM

The moon, the stars and the sun (Helios Grand)!

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