Theme Park Insider's Discussion Forum Returns

February 14, 2023, 12:14 PM · Want to talk about Disney? Or Universal or Six Flags or any other theme park? Today, I am pleased to welcome back Theme Park Insider's Discussion Forum - a place for Theme Park Insider readers like you to ask and answer questions, share trip reports and rumors, and recommend great places and experiences to other theme park fans.

If you head over to, you will see that we've already started a few discussion threads. We've got a roll call for anyone who's ever worked for a theme park, a thread asking for recommendations on great stand-alone attractions, and another discussion going on now-gone food and drinks that you miss most.

While everyone may read the posts in the Discussion Forum, you must be a registered member of Theme Park Insider to post. And to that point, some of you may have noticed that we have a new registration and log-in system here on the site.

We are no longer using passwords for the site. Instead, we are using one-time, random log-in codes that will be sent to you via email. The log-in codes are valid for 10 minutes, so don't delay in checking your email and pasting in the code. If you are currently logged in, please click on your profile and hit the Edit button to check if the email address we have for you is the correct one.

And if you use a email address, please add to your contacts before registering or requesting a log-in code. Other domains are getting the log-in codes on time, but Yahoo seems to be refusing to accept them unless our address is in your contacts.

Website registration is separate from our weekly newsletter registration, but I would love for everyone reading Theme Park Insider to sign up for both. Traffic keeps me in business here, yet I am determined to not make Theme Park Insider into yet another clickbait theme park news site.

Your support - and your recommendations of Theme Park Insider to friends and colleagues - will help me keep this site going as a forum for accurate and insightful themed entertainment and travel news and commentary. I hope that the return of the Discussion Forum and our new registration system will help make Theme Park Insider a place you want to spend more time... and a place that you can recommend more enthusiastically to others.

Thank you.

Replies (2)

February 15, 2023 at 6:24 AM

That’s great about the discussion forum !

Not so great about the new login process though, and here is why….I’m guessing like many others, I have a dedicated “spam” email address, that I only use for website signups and such (since that usually results in receiving unwanted emails). Seeing how I don’t use that email address for emails I actually want to receive, I don’t set it up for push notifications on my phone, and have to actually log in to another website to check it. So that means I need to use 2 websites to login to leave a comment now. I don’t get the whole “Fort Knox” concept, which is going to be tedious, for a theme park discussion website.

If the new process is geared towards keeping out the spammers it’s not working too well (see comment above mine)…

February 17, 2023 at 2:04 AM

Thanks for sharing. It looks so good as usual. Carry on!

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