Finish your ideal day at Hong Kong Disneyland with 'Momentous'

November 22, 2023, 9:08 PM · If Mystic Manor and Big Grizzly Mountain provide the perfect start to a visit at Hong Kong Disneyland, Momentous offers the ideal last attraction to finish your day.

The park's latest nighttime spectacular debuted last year, taking advantage of Hong Kong Disneyland's new Castle of Magical Dreams. The park expanded its former Sleeping Beauty Castle during the pandemic, creating a towering new icon above its Main Street USA and Fantasyland. But if you look closely at the castle from Main Street, you still can make out the shape of the old castle, which was a copy of the original Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland.

Do that before the show starts, though. Once Momentous begins, you likely won't notice any of the castle's architectural details, as it becomes the canvas for a stunning collection of projected animations that illustrate the show's soundtrack of popular songs from Disney's animated films.

For U.S. Disney theme park fans, the elevator pitch here is "Happily Ever After meets World of Color." At select moments during Momentous, water screens emerge in front of the Castle of Magical Dreams, providing a secondary canvas for the show's animations. Spotlights, fountains, pyro, and even a few lasers complete the sensory buffet.

The show starts and ends with its original anthem, "Love the Memory," which sets up Momentous' conceit as a collection of the great moments that define a lifetime, or, in this case, a narrative. In between, Hong Kong Disneyland visitors will see and hear selections from a variety of Disney hits, including Dumbo, Tarzan, Peter Pan, Frozen, The Lion King, Zooptopia, Moana, The Little Mermaid, Fantasia, and Coco.

Disney has scripted the production into seven chapters: Time Begins, Time of Your Life, Time for Change, Time Stands Still, Test of Time, Time to Remember, and a Finale. But that's not important to viewers beyond the fact that it creates a structure that helps the show's progression of songs feel natural. The songs create an emotional arc that builds anticipation, tests it with peril and loss, and then rewards you with hope and love.

The best "greatest hits" shows never feel random. Anyone can pluck from Disney's huge catalog of hits to put on a show like that. A great nighttime spectacular orchestrates that catalog to take viewers on an emotional journey through those songs. Momentous delivers that - making it the perfect end to a day at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Enjoy my front-row view of Momentous:

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