New attraction spotlight: Efteling's Danse Macabre

February 4, 2024, 3:47 PM · It's Grammy Sunday here in windy and rainy Los Angeles, so let's talk about an upcoming music-themed attraction that fits the mood for a stormy day.

That would be Danse Macabre, which will open this autumn at Efteling. The Dutch theme park has chosen a new ride system for the attraction to replace its former Haunted House, developing an original backstory to immerse guests into the experience.

The ride system is Intamin's Dynamic Motion Stage, a tilting, dipping turntable that features six other turntables atop it. With three six-rider rows on each of those, a total of 108 people will experience the attraction at once.

But Efteling doesn't just drop new flat rides without theming and storylines to support them. This attraction takes its title from Camille Saint-Saƫns' 1874 orchestral work. Its main characters will be Virginie Charlatan and her husband Otto. They've brought their special barrel organ to the creepy Huyverwoud Forest, through which guests will pass on their way into the attraction's new show building, which Efteling topped out this week.

Highest point on Danse Macabre
Photo courtesy Efteling

The end result promises to bring a classical work of music to life in a thrilling new way. In the meantime, if you are considering a visit this year to the park - a two-time winner of our Theme Park Insider Award as the world's best theme park - please visit our Visitors Guide to Efteling and check out our partner's Efteling tickets page.

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February 4, 2024 at 4:00 PM

I saw the construction when I visited De Efteling in September. I'm very excited for it and hope I can go back relatively soon to experience it. Efteling is a beautiful park with incredible dark rides and attractions. I also like their coasters- Baron 1898 in particular is my personal favorite of them.

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