Visitors Guide to Efteling


Inspired by fairy tales and founded upon the work of artist Anton Pieck, The Netherlands' Efteling charms visitors with a variety of dark rides, thrill rides, and walk-through attractions in a delightful garden setting.

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Coming in 2024

Danse Macabre - The replacement for Spookslot will feature a first-of-its-kind new ride system from Intamin that places riders atop spinning, tilting turntables, accompanied by on-board music.

Efteling also is opening a new 143-room Efteling Grand Hotel at the park's entrance in 2024.

What To Do

Roller Coasters

  1. Joris en de Draak [George and the Dragon]
    Great Coasters International racing wooden coasters - Water and Fire - with lengths of 2,585 feet, 72-foot drops and top speeds of 47 mph. Height requirement: 43 inches
  2. Baron 1898
    A 1,644-foot Bolliger & Mabillard dive coaster with a 123-foot drop, top speed of 56 mph and two inversions. Height requirement: 52 inches
  3. De Vliegende Hollander [The Flying Dutchman]
    A KumbaK combination dark ride and water coaster with a height of 74 feet top speed of 44 mph. Height requirement: 47 inches
  4. Python
    A 2,460-foot Vekoma double loop corkscrew coaster with a height of 95 feet, top speed of 47 mph and four inversions. Height requirement: 47 inches
  5. Vogel Rok
    A 2,110-foot indoor Vekoma custom coaster with a 62-foot drop and top speed of 40 mph. Themed to Sinbad the Sailor's adventure with the gigantic bird Rok. Height requirement: 47 inches
  6. Max + Moritz
    Twin Mack Rides family powered coasters, with lengths of 984 feet and a top speed of 22 mph. Height requirement: 39 inches

Other Attractions

  1. Symbolica
    With the help of Pardoes the magic jester, you will ride in trackless vehicles through one of three slightly different adventures through the Palace of Fantasy.
  2. Fata Morgana
    Enter a majestic Arabian palace for this "1,001 Nights"-themed boat ride.
  3. Droomvlucht [Dreamflight]
    A dark ride through set pieces in a fairy land
  4. Sprookjesbos [Fairytale Forest]
    The heart of the park, this walkthrough installation features scenes from 30 fairy tales, using miniatures, animatronics, and even Pepper's Ghost effects.
  5. Aquanura
    Nighttime fountain projection show on the park's central lagoon

Other notable attractions include the park's historic Stoomcarrousel [steam carousel], Stoomtrein [steam train], the Pagode Thai-themed observation tower, Pirana rapids ride, Carnaval Festival dark ride, and Nest, an inclusive play area near the Python roller coaster.

Other shows include Fabula, a 4D animated movie from Aardman, and Raveleijn, a medieval pageant/stunt show.

Park Map

Efteling is located in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands - about 75 minutes south of Amsterdam. Take the train to 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) then transfer to one of the buses to the park: 300, 301, 136, or 800.


Plan two days to visit Efteling, given the large physical size and number of attractions in the park. The Fairytale Forest itself can take much of an afternoon, if you spend time to look at all the detail. No attractions here offer terribly long waits, though we would suggest heading straight to Symbolica on the morning of your first day. Weather can be an issue when visiting Efteling, so try to time your ride on De Vliegende Hollander for the warmest, sunniest moment, as you will get wet on its final drop. Wrap one of your days with the nighttime spectacular Aquanura and consider buying a ticket for a performance of CARO - a musical inspired by Efteling's historic carousel - in the adjacent Efteling Theatre on the other night.