Europa-Park reopens fire-damaged attractions

May 14, 2024, 10:18 AM · Europa-Park has reopened several of its attractions in its Austria section that were damaged or destroyed in last year's fire.

First opened in 1978, the Tirol Log Flume has returned to take visitors above and into the Magical Valley of Diamonds. That fantastic setting also provides the home for Alpine Express 'Enzian,' a Mack Rides powered coaster that first opened in 1984.

Alpine Express 'Enzian and Tirol Log Flume
Alpine Express 'Enzian and Tirol Log Flume. Photo courtesy Europa-Park

The "Alpenexpress Coastiality" VR option also now offers "Fina & the Yomis - Magical World of Diamonds VR" along with six other virtual reality adventures to choose.

Europa-Park also has created an all-new Yomi Adventure Trail with suspension bridges, climbing elements, and slides above and around the Magical Valley of Diamonds. Finally, the park also has redesigned its Gemstone Grotto shop in the area.

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