Fans could be the winners in Six Flags' NBA Finals bet

June 5, 2024, 10:16 AM · We've got another sports championship bet between theme parks.

Every time two teams from cities with theme parks from the same company meet for a major sports championship, we get a friendly wager between those parks. This time, it's on the NBA Finals, where the Boston Celtics are playing the Dallas Mavericks. (Allow me to pause here for a moment while I mourn my beloved Indiana Pacers, which blew what should have been a 3-1 lead in the conference finals, in spectacular fashion. Sigh.)

Anyway, the Dallas area is the home to the original Six Flags theme park, Six Flags Over Texas, while Boston is about 100 miles away from Six Flags New England, in Agawam, Massachusetts. (Hey, it's close enough for betting purposes.) So the two parks are wagering over which team will win this year's pro basketball title.

If Boston wins (please, no), then Six Flags Over Texas will rename its Texas Giant "Boston Giant," while a traditional Celtic band will follow Six Flags Over Texas Park President, Richard Douaihy, around for an entire day. For fans, the Arlington park will offer free admission during one week to anyone with a valid Massachusetts ID. And on a date to be determined, the first 100 guests through the gates of Six Flags Over Texas will be served Boston Cream Pie.

If Dallas wins, Six Flags New England will change the name of its New England SkyScreamer to "Dallas SkyScreamer," while a country and western band will follow Six Flags New England Park President, Pete Carmichael, for the day. Anyone with a valid Texas ID gets the free admission, and the first 100 guests through the gates on the date TBD get Dallas Pecan Pie.

"If there’s one thing Texans know how to do, it's how to support their home team. I'm no different, so I am more than happy to risk a little embarrassment in order to support our Mavs," Douaihy said. "I hope our friends at Six Flags New England are looking forward to some delicious pecan pie!"

I love that the parks are including fans in this bet, especially since it rewards ones living in "enemy territory," if you will. Or, it's an excuse for a roller coaster roadtrip for anyone wanting to make the trip to the other team's home state.

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Replies (3)

June 5, 2024 at 12:04 PM

Maybe one day the Orlando Magic will meet the La Lakers in the NBA Finals. Should the Magic lose Orlando-based Imagineers have to go and add the “Endless Stairway” to the Haunted Mansion at DL and if the Lakers lose then the Anaheim Imagineers have to come fix the Yeti at AK. Seems reasonable right? In other news today the sun will be setting in the East and rising tomorrow in the West…

June 5, 2024 at 4:09 PM

But any person from Boston that attends SFOT will die from the heat.

June 5, 2024 at 8:09 PM

The Magic/Lakers Disney bet happened in 2009. ( And it involved nothing more than Mickey ears.

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